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January 2012 News

  1. Iranian attack on America and allies increasingly likely – intelligence chief By Julian Borger The Guardian 31 January 2012 -- John Pike, a military analyst and the head of the GlobalSecurity.org thinktank said: "That almost never happens. They seldom even have two [aircraft carriers in and around the Strait of Hormuz]."
  2. Backers Plan Web Defense For 188th Fighter Wing By Peter Urban Arkansas News 31 January 2012 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org in Alexandria, Va., said the Air Force has never been a fan of the A-10 mission to provide close air support to Army combat units.
  3. Army cuts likely to mean fewer brigades The Fayetteville Observer 26 January 2012 -- Another expert, John Pike of Globalsecurity.org, has said previously that Fort Bragg's specialties would insulate it from defense cuts.
  4. Suspects Can Be Forced to Decrypt Hard Drives, Judge Rules By Matt Liebowitz SecurityNewsDaily 24 January 2012 -- George Smith, a senior fellow at GlobalSecurity.org, believes the judge's ruling, although "commensurate with the times we live in," not only infringes on people's rights, but also sets a very dangerous precedent, one that extends government intrusion well into a person's private life.
  5. Mitt Romney says U.S. Navy is smallest since 1917, Air Force is smallest since 1947 PolitiFact.com 18 January 2012 -- Or as John Pike, director of globalsecurity.org, puts it: "Would anyone care to trade today's Navy or Air Force for either service at any point in the 20th century?"
  6. Intelligence officer charged with passing secrets to foreign interests By The Globe and Mail 16 January 2012 -- “When it comes to signals intelligence, the league of English-speaking people are joined at the hip … you’d have a hard bargain trying to sell Canadian secrets, wouldn’t you?” said John Pike, director of the GlobalSecurity.Org website, in an interview.
  7. Troop reduction worries Texas National Guard By Sig Christenson 16 January 2012 -- The Army's active-duty end strength fell from 780,000 to 480,000 soldiers in the 1990s, according to globalsecurity.org.
  8. I see you: Spy versus spy in space with secret X-37B By Thom Patterson ABC Action News 16 January 2012 -- Really? It's common knowledge in the intelligence community that the U.S. has been using satellites to "inspect" other orbiting hardware for half a century, says defense analyst John Pike of globalsecurity.org.
  9. Secret space center to lose more than half its civilian workers By Tom Roeder The Gazette 15 January 2012 -- “We may need fewer Army divisions or fewer carriers, but the number of GPS satellites we need is the same,” said John Pike, who heads the Virginia-based defense think tank GlobalSecurity.org.
  10. Russia spacecraft aimed at Mars moon headed for Earth crash By Eryn Brown Los Angeles Times 14 January 2012 -- Charles Vick, who follows the Russian space program at the military policy research firm GlobalSecurity.org in Alexandria, Va., said that lapses in quality control led Phobos-Ground to malfunction shortly after its November launch.
  11. Phobos Grunt: Failed Russian Mars Probe Falling to Earth By Ned Potter ABC News 13 January 2012 -- "Certainly the quality control was lacking," said Charles Vick, who follows Russian space efforts for GlobalSecurity.org, "and testing the spacecraft ... was never done due to lack of funds."
  12. Taiwan's Project Diving Dragon resurfaces By Jens Kastner Asia Times Online 05 January 2012 -- The Project 75A/76 program (the follow-on plan for six French Scorpene class diesel-electric submarines currently built in India) envisions help from either Europe or Russia, according to John Pike, director of the GlobalSecurity.org think-tank.
  13. Fort Bragg likely to feel pinch from expected defense budget cuts By John Ramsey Fayetteville Observer 05 January 2012 -- "Special Forces and special operations are platinum. That's totally off-limits (to cuts)," said John Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org.
  14. MILITARY: Marine Corps may lose 27,000 troops under Pentagon cuts By Mark Walker North County Times 05 January 2012 -- John Pike of the independent defense monitoring firm GlobalSecurity.org in Washington said the expected cut in the size of the Marine Corps will take it back to its troop strength prior to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.