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December 2011 News

  1. Energy Focus LED Products Used to Relight USS Chafee, the First Navy Ship to Receive a Complete LED Lighting Upgrade GlobeNewswire 22 December 2011 -- For more information about PEO Ships see www.globalsecurity.org/military/agency/navy/peo-ships.htm.
  2. Kim Jong-Un Will Not Be The Only One Ruling North Korea By Robert Johnson Business Insider 21 December 2011 -- Globalsecurity.org says that his eldest brother, Jang Song-woo, was a Vice Marshal and commanded the Third Army Corps, and his younger brother Jang Song-gil was a Lieutenant-General and tank commander.
  3. Looking Back On The Iraq War, After Losing A Son There By Alex Ashlock 90.9 WBUR 20 December 2011 -- The website GlobalSecurity.org has this account of what happened next: Bernstein and Hart were in the last vehicle in a quick reaction force convoy.
  4. Backgrounder: North Korea After Kim By Jayshree Bajoria Council on Foreign Relations 19 December 2011 -- Currently, the U.S. and South Korean Combined Forces Command have a contingency plan, CONPLAN 5029 (GlobalSecurity.org), to prepare for North Korea's collapse.
  5. Will younger Kim's aunt and uncle be North Korea puppet masters? By Kari Huus World News on MSNBC 19 December 2011 -- [Jang Song Taek] also disappeared from sight from about 2003-2006, purged for allegedly creating factions and maneuvering to seize power, according to GlobalSecurity.org, a website for military policy research.
  6. North Korean leader Kim Jong Il dies at 69 By Chris Cassidy The Boston Herald 19 December 2011 -- “Truly evil,” said John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org. “A really nasty piece of work.”
  7. Iran’s Alleged Drone Hack: Tough, but Possible By Adam Rawnsley Wired.com 16 December 2011 -- The notion that Iran could have cracked through the encryption “sounds like a made-for-TV movie” says John Pike, a satellite expert and president of Globalsecurity.org.
  8. Iran Didn't Hack US Drone, Experts Say By Matt Liebowitz SecurityNews Daily 16 December 2011 -- "Some kind of mechanical malfunction" is probably what caused the unmanned drone...to go down 140 miles inside Iran on Dec. 4, according to John Pike...
  9. Convert defense cuts into civilian benefits By Charlie Cooper The Baltimore Sun 15 December 2011 -- Globalsecurity.org comments: "Sometimes it is difficult to understand the scope of American military power relative to that of the rest of the world."
  10. Space Park in Redondo Beach will get the star treatment By W.J. Hennigan Los Angeles Times 14 December 2011 -- "A lot of amazing things were done there," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org. "Some of those things we might actually find out about. I would guess there's more history there that we don't know about than we do."
  11. US defence chief visits Djibouti for terror talks AFP 13 December 2011 -- American drones are launched from Djibouti against Al-Qaeda operatives in the region, according to security site Globalsecurity.org.
  12. Don't Hold Your Breath for Iran's Copycat Drones By John Hudson The Atlantic Wire 12 December 2011 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, agrees. "The cat's already out of the bag with stealth technology."
  13. Iran Shows Footage Of Captured U.S. Drone By Heather Maher Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty 08 December 2011 -- John Pike, an analyst for the website GlobalSecurity.org, says the drone that was shown on Iranian TV looked like "a parade-float model" rather than the high-tech robotic surveillance aircraft itself, and speculated that it was "a mock-up."
  14. Iranian TV airs image of alleged U.S. drone By the CNN Wire Staff CNN 08 December 2011 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, said his initial reaction to pictures sent to him by CNN is that they weren't what he would expect to see after a crash.
  15. Iran shows video of purported US drone By Nasser Karimi The Associated Press 08 December 2011 -- John Pike, an expert on military and intelligence technology for GlobalSecurity.org, said in an email that the drone shown on Iranian TV looked like "a parade float model of a Sentinel" rather than the high-tech robotic surveillance aircraft itself.
  16. RQ-170: A primer on the ‘Beast of Kandahar’ By Jason Ukman The Washington Post 08 December 2011 -- The model seen in 2009 was estimated to have a wingspan of as much as 80 feet, according to GlobalSecurity.org.
  17. Drone Crash in Iran Reveals Secret U.S. Surveillance Effort By Scott Shane and David E. Sanger The New York Times 07 December 2011 -- “It’s basically like staking out a Mafia social club,” said John Pike, who tracks military technology at the Web site GlobalSecurity.org.
  18. US considered missions to destroy RQ-170 Sentinel drone lost in Iran By Brad Knickerbocker The Christian Science Monitor 07 December 2011 -- “Persistent surveillance would be useful in understanding the best time of day to attack Iranian [weapons of mass destruction] facilities,” says John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org.
  19. Satellite images reveal secret Nevada UAV site By Zach Rosenberg FlightGlobal 07 December 2011 -- The hangars could accommodate a total of between 10-15 MQ-9 Reaper aircraft, according to Tim Brown, an imagery analyst with Globalsecurity.org.
  20. Drone that crashed in Iran may give away U.S. secrets By W.J. Hennigan, David S. Cloud and Ken Dilanian Los Angeles Times 06 December 2011 -- "The cat's already out of the bag with stealth technology," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a website for military policy research.
  21. Experts: Iran capture of stealth drone no worry By Lolita C. Baldor The Associated Press 05 December 2011 -- "Are we going to stop flying them? No. Was it a secret we were flying them? No," said Pike. "Did Iran shoot it down? Probably not. Because Iranian air defenses are not very good, and it is a good stealth vehicle. And did Iranian hackers hack into it and bring it down? No. It's just too hard to do."
  22. Air Force: Ready for more Afghanistan flights By David Larter Air Force Times 02 December 2011 -- “They got away from the ‘right on time’ delivery model early in the Iraq war,” Pike said.
  23. War hero says he objected to Pakistan arms sale By Sig Christenson and Patrick Danner San Antonio Express-News 01 December 2011 -- “They are jumping the pond,” said John Pike, director and founder of globalsecurity.org, adding that Pentagon spending dwarfs military expenditures in Great Britain.