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November 2011 News

  1. Leader of Biafra breakaway state dies By the CNN Wire Staff CNN 26 November 2011 -- Estimates of the number of dead from hostilities, disease, and starvation during the 30-month civil war are estimated at between 1 million and 3 million, according to globalsecurity.org.
  2. New monster bomb heading to Air Force bases By Darryl Levings The Kansas City Star 24 November 2011 -- “It’s named for ‘mopping up Iran,’ ” suggested John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a website for military policy research. “I can’t imagine what else they’d being using it for or pointing it at.
  3. ‘Black Jack’ brigade transitions warhorse By Sgt. Quentin Johnson DVIDS 19 November 2011 -- The COB was originally called Camp Boom until late 2003 when elements of the 4th Infantry Division took control of the base and changed the name to Warhorse, according to Globalsecurity.org.
  4. Boeing delivers first batch of 30,000-pound bombs to Air Force By W.J. Hennigan Los Angeles Times 16 November 2011 -- "Heck of a coincidence, isn't it?" said John Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org, a website for military policy research.
  5. Mysterious White Lines in China Desert By Ned Potter ABC News 15 November 2011 -- We asked Charles Vick of GlobalSecurity.org, which watches military and space issues, what he thought, and he said, “This is indeed a mystery that requires a much closer examination up close but my best guess is a calibration ground facility for imaging and radar imaging systems in earth orbit.”
  6. Cosmic Fail! Getting into Space Is Still Really, Really Hard By Mike Wall Space.com 14 November 2011 -- "These and other failures point to serious follow-through quality control failures long expected and of concern to Russian space analysts," Charles Vick, a senior technical and policy analyst at Globalsecurity.org, told SPACE.com after the Progress 44 mishap.
  7. Expert: Ricin terror plot not doable UPI 09 November 2011 -- George Smith, a bioterrorism threat analyst for GlobalSecurity.org, told the Journal-Constitution the "poison lore" was accessible on the Internet.
  8. Four accused in terror plot to appear in court By Craig Schneider and Katie Leslie The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 08 November 2011 -- George Smith, who analyzes bioterror threats for GlobalSecurity.org, said the men were "steeped in poison lore" spread through the Internet.
  9. Chill, people— this is only a test! By Herald Staff The Boston Herald 07 November 2011 -- John Pike of Global- Security.org pointed to the infamous 1938 radio broadcast of “The War of the Worlds” — and the panic it stirred in listeners — as an example of the reaction a blindsided public can produce.
  10. Dark days for Taiwan's spies By Jens Kastner Asia Times Online 04 November 2011 -- "Taiwan has its own imagery intelligence satellite, and it is hard to believe it was just shut off," Pike said.
  11. Biden calls Libya a job well done PolitiFact.com 03 November 2011 -- "Any place that you are aware of that has uniformed military personnel, there were State Department personnel involved in getting them into it," Pike said.
  12. Libya struggles to secure loose weapons By Karin Laub and Rami Al-Shaheibi The Associated Press 03 November 2011 -- "There is no shortage of this stuff (worldwide)," said John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org, a U.S.-based think tank.
  13. Accused militia members outside the profile By Katie Leslie, Jeffry Scott and Bill Rankin The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 02 November 2011 -- “No, what they would have wound up with is dried castor powder,” said George Smith, a senior fellow for GlobalSecurity.org, a public information organization on terrorism and homeland security.