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October 2011 News

  1. Germany faces questions over alleged spy agency involvement in Libya By Nick Amies Deutsche Welle 28 October 2011 -- "Intelligence agencies exist to do in private things which politicians wish to deny in public," said Pike.
  2. Israel fears Berlin could scrap sub deal UPI 28 October 2011 -- The Federation of American Scientists and GlobalSecurity.org report that four 648mm tubes can launch nuclear-armed Popeye Turbo cruise missiles with a range of 930 miles.
  3. Somalia, Libya, Uganda: US increases Africa focus By Jason Straziuso The Associated Press 27 October 2011 -- "The U.S. has really developed an interest in Africa that we just have never seen before," Pike said.
  4. U.S. mission in Africa will be short-term, administration says By Jamie Crawford CNN Security Clearance 25 October 2011 -- [The LRA] has committed numerous abuses and atrocities such as abducting, raping, maiming and killing civilians, including women and children, according to globalsecurity.org.
  5. NASA may extend Russian contract to fly to space station By Mark K. Matthews The Orlando Sentinel 22 October 2011 -- "It says to me that we're in trouble," said Charles Vick, a Russian space expert with the analyst group GlobalSecurity.org.
  6. Drones Mean the Iraq War Is Never Over By Sam Biddle Gizmodo 21 October 2011 -- "Presumably, we're finding people to blow up in Yemen," agrees defense think tank GlobalSecurity's John Pike, "so [from the CIA's perspective] there will be some who need to be blown up in Iraq."
  7. Feds to cite ‘library’ in terror trial By John Zaremba The Boston Herald 20 October 2011 -- “Looks like a Jihad library,” said John Pike, director of the terrorism research group GlobalSecurity.org, when shown the titles of some of the entries.
  8. Are U.S., Israel Behind New Military Malware 'Duqu'? By Paul Wagenseil Security News Daily 19 October 2011 -- George Smith, a cybersecurity expert with the Washington research and public-policy firm GlobalSecurity.org, isn't sure that re-used code necessarily indicates the same authorship.
  9. Guam central to Pacific military operations By Paul C. Barton Marine Corps Times 19 October 2011 -- The South China Sea is the newest flashpoint in Sino-American relations that could cause both countries to “stumble” into a war if not careful, said John Pike, a defense and military expert who runs the website GlobalSecurity.org.
  10. The New Interventionism By Fred Kaplan Slate 19 October 2011 -- The administration isn’t identifying who these 100 advisers are, but John Pike and Joseph Trevithick, of the research center GlobalSecurity.org, figure that most of them come from the 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne).
  11. Creech virus a common 'nuisance' virus aimed at online gaming By Keith Rogers Las Vegas Review-Journal 12 October 2011 -- "There are many examples. Some of them have made news, (but) many incidences don't rise to that level," said Smith, a senior fellow at globalsecurity.org, a military information website.
  12. MILITARY: Camp Pendleton troops remain at forefront of Afghan war By Mark Walker North County Times 07 October 2011 -- "I sure don't have the sense that the Afghan army or the cops are shaping up to the point they can take over," Pike said Thursday in a telephone interview.
  13. MILITARY: Analysis has dire predictions for Marine Corps By Mark Walker North County Times 01 October 2011 -- John Pike of the defense monitoring firm GlobalSecurity.org in Washington said he largely concurs. "It's all just budget politicking in my view," he said.