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August 2011 News

  1. Pentagon pays $720M in late fees for storage containers By Tom Vanden Brook USA Today 29 August 2011 -- The cost stems from the mistaken belief that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq would be brief and late fees would be minimal, said John Pike.
  2. Russia's Rocket Failures Spark Increasing Worry in US By Mike Wall Space.com 25 August 2011 -- "These and other failures point to serious follow-through quality control failures long expected and of concern to Russian space analysts," said Charles Vick, a senior technical and policy analyst at Globalsecurity.org.
  3. Legion hopes to preserve ship named after East Millinocket hero By Nick Sambides Jr. Bangor Daily News 25 August 2011 -- The 23rd of 52 Perry class frigates, its home port is Pascagoula, Miss., according to GlobalSecurity.org, which advertises itself as a leading source of background information in the fields of defense and homeland security.
  4. Why Do So Many Dictators Use Scud Missiles? By Brian Palmer Slate Magazine 17 August 2011 -- Explainer thanks Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org, and Christopher Preble of the Cato Institute.
  5. The Pentagon's new China war plan By Stephen Glain Salon 13 August 2011 -- John Pike of the Washington, D.C.-based GlobalSecurity.org has speculated that Washington wants to "run the planet from Guam and Diego Garcia by 2015."
  6. 'Invisible' err-plane By Bill Sanderson New York Post 12 August 2011 -- "If they did not experience failures, it's because they're not trying very hard," said John Pike of Globalsecurity.org.
  7. Contact Lost With Hypersonic Glider After Launch By John Antczak The Associated Press 11 August 2011 -- Pike said it's possible for engineers to still glean useful information about what worked and what didn't, despite the flight ending prematurely.
  8. The U.S. Military's Plan for London-Like Riots By John Hudson The Atlantic Wire 10 August 2011 -- According to the public policy organization GlobalSecurity.org, CONPLAN 3502 is the U.S. military's plan for assisting state and local authorities in the event of a riot or major civil disturbance.
  9. Could the Blue Angels be grounded -- forever? By Chris Grygiel Seattle Post-Intelligencer 03 August 2011 -- The Blue Angels will be eliminated "only after they sell the Washington Monument," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a military news and information website.