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June 2011 News

  1. Gates: MRAPs save 'thousands' of troop lives By Tom Vanden Brook USA Today 27 June 2011 -- If casualty tolls had reached even half the number of estimated lives saved, support for the wars would have evaporated, said John Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org, a defense policy organization.
  2. US military leaders fear Afghanistan withdrawal will increase soldier deaths By Philip Sherwell The Telegraph 25 June 2011 -- John Pike, a prominent US defence analyst and director of GlobalSecurity.org, criticised Mr Obama's address to the nation as "pathetic".
  3. MILITARY: Marines await Obama decision on troop levels By Mark Walker North County Times 21 June 2011 -- John Pike, head of the independent defense monitoring group GlobalSecurity.org in Washington, said the death of bin Laden has made it increasingly difficult to define the U.S. mission in Afghanistan in a way Americans support.
  4. Fighter Jet Engines Stolen from Israeli Base By Bryant Jordan Military.com 18 June 2011 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, an Alexandria, Va., defense and intelligence think tank, said China would also benefit from having some F-15 and F-16 engines to fully examine.
  5. Are the LulzSec Hackers Asking to Get Caught? By Matt Liebowitz Security News Daily 17 June 2011 -- "The press is very interested, so that adds to the pot," George Smith, a senior fellow at GlobalSecurity.org, told SecurityNewsDaily.
  6. After Delay, Iranians Launch a Satellite By William J. Broad The New York Times 16 June 2011 -- "It's a significant step forward for the Iranians," said Charles P. Vick, an expert on Iranian rockets at GlobalSecurity.org, a private research group in Alexandria, Va.
  7. Canada buys more 'smart' munitions By David Pugliese The Montreal Gazette 14 June 2011 -- John Pike, director of the Washington-based defence think-tank Global Security. org, estimated the Paveway weapons Canada was ordering cost about $100,000 each.
  8. Drones soar in U.S. plans for future aircraft purchases By Jennifer Rizzo CNN 10 June 2011 -- "For strikes in Pakistan drones are important because they simultaneously provided persistent surveillance," says Pike.
  9. Chain e-mail accuses Barack Obama of hypocrisy in raid on Osama bin Laden PolitiFact.com 07 June 2011 -- John Pike, the director of globalsecurity.org, said that the words attributed to Obama on Guantanamo "are ludicrous. It is not something he would have said, and there is no evidence that it is something that he did say."