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March 2011 News

  1. US says no American 'boots' on ground in Libya, but it is fancy footwork: The CIA is there By Pauline Jelinek The Canadian Press 31 March 2011 -- "Sneakers, they're wearing sneakers, not boots," said John Pike of the Globalsecurity.org think-tank . "That's how they're clandestine."
  2. Washington Is Preparing for a Long War With China By Stephen Glain U.S.News & World Report 31 March 2011 -- ..., an initiative so vast that John Pike of the Washington, D.C.-based GlobalSecurity.org has speculated that Washington wants to "run the planet from Guam and Diego Garcia by 2015."
  3. Chinese pieces to Iran's nuclear puzzle By Bertil Lintner Asia Times Online 30 March 2011 -- According to information posted on the website Globalsecurity.org and dated 6 August 2006, TSA is "currently producing P1 and P2 centrifuges.
  4. Israel deploys unique, controversial missile system By Stuart Fox Innovation News Daily 30 March 2011 -- Iron Dome is "a uniquely Israeli solution for a uniquely Israeli problem," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org and an expert on defense technology and policy.
  5. US providing 'unique capabilities' to the Libya mission By Jennifer Rizzo CNN 29 March 2011 -- The U.S. role however, will not be at the forefront just because of the high-tech weaponry, says defense expert John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org.
  6. 3 wars and no budget worries military community By Tom Roeder The Gazette - Colorado Springs 27 March 2011 -- "Every week that goes by, you have a budget that's further and further out of whack with your requirements," said John Pike, with the Virginia-based think tank GlobalSecurity.org.
  7. NASSCO issues layoff notices to 350 workers By Gary Robbins The San Diego Union Tribune 25 March 2011 -- John Pike, an analyst at Globalsecurity.org in Alexandria, Virginia, said, "Eventually, the 2011 budget will be approved and the funding will be released," leading to fresh work at NASSCO.
  8. The million-dollar weapon By Sharon Weinberger The Center for Public Integrity 25 March 2011 -- "In the real world, you're just not going to have the sort of precise intelligence that would tell you, after you launch a Tomahawk and it's halfway there, that now there's a bus full of widows and orphans" and it needs to be diverted, said John Pike, the director of GlobalSecurity.org.
  9. Global Insider: Global Navigation Satellite Systems By The Editors World Politics Review 24 March 2011 -- In an email interview, Charles Vick, senior technical and policy analyst for GlobalSecurity.org, discussed global satellite navigation systems.
  10. Air Force to retest X-51 WaveRider hypersonic aircraft near Point Mugu By W.J. Hennigan Los Angeles Times 24 March 2011 -- The X-51 is a forerunner to the military's hopes for a "prompt global strike" system, which can hit anything on Earth in an hour or less, said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a website for military policy research.
  11. Sikorsky Helicopter Prototypes To Be Built At Former Pratt Plant In Florida By Marcia Heroux Poudns and Mara Lee The Hartford Courant 23 March 2011 -- Full production of the new heavy-lift aircraft is expected to produce 24 helicopters a year, globalsecurity.org reports.
  12. Five questions about dramatic move against Gadhafi By Jim Michaels and Tom Vanden Brook USA Today 22 March 2011 -- It was more important that U.S. commanders run the early part of the war because the USA has the sophisticated weapons needed to destroy enemy air defenses, says John Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org.
  13. Obama's Libya Decision Could Undo GOP Spending Cuts By Frank James NPR 22 March 2011 -- While it's difficult to get an exact cost for the aircraft, GlobalSecurity.org puts the unit cost for an Air Force version of the F-15, which is a fairly old aircraft design dating back to the 1970s, at $55 million.
  14. World awaits next step in Libya By Christine McConville The Boston Herald 21 March 2011 -- "Historically, Gadhafi has been a bad actor," said John Pike of the consulting firm Global Security.
  15. A bumpier but safer ride By Joseph Morton and Matthew Hansen Omaha World Herald 20 March 2011 -- The vehicle's V-shaped hull helps to deflect the force of mine and IED explosions away from passengers, said Joseph Trevithick, a defense research analyst for globalsecurity.org.
  16. Libyan crisis mounts By O'Ryan Johnson The Boston Herald 18 March 2011 -- However, Pike cautioned that Gadhafi has warehouses full of cash, the loyalty of his military and his back to the wall, which gives him the ability and the incentive to hang on.
  17. Obama vows U.S. role in Libya will be limited By Shashank Bengali, Margaret Talev and David Lightman The Kansas City Star 18 March 2011 -- The most worrisome of these to U.S. and European officials are four sites with SA-5 missiles, more modern, longer-range weapons that could reach over the Mediterranean, according to John Pike, the president of Globalsecurity.org, a defense research center.
  18. It's On: The U.N. Security Council passed a resolution on Libya By Fred Kaplan Slate Magazine 18 March 2011 -- The private research group GlobalSecurity.org has posted a map on its Web site, showing the location of nearby bases and ships and how, as pure speculation, the U.S., European, and Arab air forces could split their operations into separate but coordinated theaters.
  19. Hard-line approach to Arab unrest intensifies By Phil Gast CNN 18 March 2011 -- "What they have in common is that they are autocratic regimes not responsive to popular input," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a public policy organization.
  20. Are we about to bomb again? By Paul Weinberg NOW Magazine 17 March 2011 -- Even John Pike, director of the military news org Global Security, in Washington, has his doubts.
  21. ANALYSIS: A no-fly-zone veteran's advice for those who may patrol Libya By Tim Lockette Anniston Star 12 March 2011 -- "This thing could be brief and glorious," said Pike, director of the much-quoted think tank GlobalSecurity.org.
  22. Don't Look Up: The Secret Space Plane Is Flying Again By Jeffrey Kluger Time Magazine 11 March 2011 -- "There's been an awful lot of money spent on this," says space analyst John Pike of the think tank and online forum GlobalSecurity.org.
  23. Top intel official in hot water over blunt remarks The Associated Press 10 March 2011 -- John Pike, and analyst with Globalsecurity.org, said Clapper was doing what intelligence officials should do: give the best intelligence available.
  24. Is U.S. missing a 'window of opportunity' in Libya? By Jim Michaels USA Today 10 March 2011 -- John Pike, director of the Globalsecurity.org, said the U.S. may regret not helping the rebels overthrow Gadhafi.
  25. No-Fly Zone in Libya, One Step Away From War By Nicholas Zifcak The Epoch Times 09 March 2011 -- Policy director of Global Security.org, John Pike, thinks military action to knock out Libya's air defenses and maintain the no-fly zone would be straightforward.
  26. Libya air force a 'modest' no-fly zone threat: general AFP 08 March 2011 -- Libya has around 100 SA-2 anti-aircraft missiles designed in the 1950s and another 70 SA-6 missiles which are more recent, according to the Globalsecurity.org website.
  27. North Korea Jams GPS in War Game Retaliation By Adam Rawnsley Wired.com 07 March 2011 -- "Increasingly you see that there are multi-mode smart munitions that have both GPS and laser guided so that if one is not working, the other can," says John Pike, a defense and aerospace expert and president of Globalsecurity.org.
  28. How Do You Make a No-Fly Zone? By Brian Palmer Slate Magazine 07 March 2011 -- Explainer thanks Tom Parker of the U.S. Naval War College and John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org.
  29. America must protect funding of Redstone Arsenal, Marshall Space Flight Center, lawmakers say By George Altman The Huntsville Times 06 March 2011 -- "They're going to cut some," John Pike, founder of the national security analysis website GlobalSecurity.org, said regarding coming defense budgets.
  30. Propriety of psy-ops request questioned By John Ramsey The Fayetteville Observer 05 March 2011 -- "Just because your government affairs message needs to be coordinated with your information operations doesn't mean the same people need to be doing it," Pike said.
  31. China to Increase Military Spending By 12.7 Percent By Ben Terris The National Journal 04 March 2011 -- That jump, an accelerated rise over last year's increase of 7.5 percent, falls just about in line with the average yearly increase for the country, which GlobalSecurity.org says is 12.9 percent.
  32. Marines: Rightsizing into "middleweight" force By Jeanette Steele The San Diego Union-Tribune 04 March 2011 -- This subtraction of 15,000 puts the service closer to where it was a decade ago, said John Pike, founder of Globalsecurity.org, who downplayed the significance of the shifts outlined.