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August 2010 News

  1. Tale of the Tomahawk By Dana Hedgpeth and William M. Arkin The Washington Post 30 August 2010 -- John Pike, a defense industry expert at GlobalSecurity.org, says the answer lies in possible future engagements: "We want to continue to be prepared to blow up China, Iran or North Korea or any other country that may need blowing up."
  2. Attacks in Iraq kill 56, raise fears of insurgents By Barbara Surk and Hamid Ahmed The Associated Press 25 August 2010 -- "The insurgents hope to regain the initiative once the Americans are gone," said John Pike, the director of the military information website GlobalSecurity.org.
  3. Spy Agency Amends No-Bid Contract Notice, But Google Still Favored By James Rosen FOXNews.com 24 August 2010 -- "This NGA no-bid contract is a cry for help," said Tim Brown, an imagery analyst for globalsecurity.org, in an interview from Los Angeles.
  4. MILITARY: Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle shows its muscle By Mark Walker North County Times 24 August 2010 -- espite continued criticism from Congress and within the Pentagon, John Pike of the defense monitoring group GlobalSecurity.org in Washington said he believes it will survive.
  5. Worst-Case Scenarios: Possible Strike Plans for Iran Involve Risky Options By Judson Berger FOXNews.com 20 August 2010 -- A report on GlobalSecurity.org said a U.S. air strike would "vastly exceed" the scope of the 1981 attack on Iraq and look more like the 2003 opening assault on Iraq.
  6. Copper prices continue to increase By Aaron Whyte Seer Press 19 August 2010 -- According to John Pike, director of the Washington military research group Globalsecurity.org, around 6 billion bullets have been used and that is around billions of dollars.
  7. In Afghanistan, bomb attacks hit high in July By Tom Vanden Brook USA Today 19 August 2010 -- More troops are surviving blasts in part because of the substantial increase in the number of armored trucks designed to help troops survive bomb blasts, said John Pike, a military analyst at Globalsecurity.org.
  8. Sputnik to Glonass: Playing Catch-Up in Outer Space By Alexander Bratersky The Moscow Times 18 August 2010 -- "To me, the Glonass program is a real sign that Russia is attempting to join the global marketplace with a highly desired and marketable item," said Charles Vick, senior policy analyst at Globalsecurity.org, a U.S.-based think tank.
  9. U.S. Army's new camouflage debuts By Oren Dorell USA Today 18 August 2010 -- The switch is at least the third Army battle uniform change in the past 20 years, says security analyst John Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org.
  10. U.S. arms deal with Riyadh irks Israel? United Press International 16 August 2010 -- John Pike, director of the online security group GlobalSecurity.org, told the Journal that Washington must strike a delicate balance between courting its allies in Riyadh while satisfying the Israelis.
  11. U.S.-Saudi Arms Plan Grows to Record Size By Adam Entous The Wall Street Journal 14 August 2010 -- "We've had enough experience with these things that it's possible to come up with a package that reassures the Saudis but doesn't alarm the Israelis. But if we don't succeed, the Saudis are perfectly capable of taking their business elsewhere," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, which tracks such deals.
  12. Pentagon's space partner eyes new frontiers By W.J. Hennigan Los Angeles Times 04 August 2010 -- "Aerospace is the glue to the Pentagon's space infrastructure," said John Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org, a website for military policy research.
  13. Navy invention gives Marines secure data connection in field By Jeanette Steele The San Diego Union-Tribune 03 August 2010 -- Information from drones is typically relayed on classified networks, said John Pike, founder of GlobalSecurity.org.
  14. Iraq violence flares as US begins to draw down troop levels By Ben Hancock The Christian Science Monitor 03 August 2010 -- While the number of US service members killed or wounded in Iraq has been on the decline, according GlobalSecurity.org, the July death toll for Iraqis was the highest in two years.