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March 2010 News

  1. Unmanned Space Shuttle to Get Trial Run By Irene Klotz Discovery News 30 March 2010 -- "It's hard to figure out what, if any, relationships these programs have with each other," John Pike, an analyst with GlobalSecurity.org told Discovery News.
  2. U.S. needs to be careful with pace of withdrawal from Iraq By E. Thomas McClanahan The Kansas City Star 20 March 2010 -- Yet Iraq's political development has a long way to go. John Pike of Globalsecurity.org notes that Iraqi political parties seem to have actually regressed.
  3. In choosing its battle names, the military must know its target audience By Christian Davenport The Washington Post 20 March 2010 -- According to a list compiled by GlobalSecurity.org, an Alexandria-based defense news Web site, operations have been named for Civil War generals, snakes, predators (both mammal and arachnid), violent acts of nature, weaponry, comic book characters and, yes, rappers.
  4. Leon Panetta touts CIA successes By Josh Gerstein POLITICO 19 March 2010 -- "He pretty quickly went down to periscope depth and wasn't heard from," said John Pike, an intelligence community analyst with GlobalSecurity.org.
  5. WorldSpace announces potential decommissioning of satellites By David S. Hilzenrath The Washington Post 18 March 2010 -- If they were left unattended in the orbital band used by geostationary satellites, they could drift into others, creating debris that could cause more collisions in a cascade of damage, said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org.
  6. President: Bali bombing mastermind dead CNN World 10 March 2010 -- The group has a stated goal of creating an idealized Islamic state comprising Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the southern Philippines and southern Thailand, according to GlobalSecurity.org, a public policy Web site that provides background on defense issues.
  7. Army tech seminar shows warfare's future By Shaun Waterman The Washington Times 09 March 2010 -- George Smith, a defense technology analyst and a senior fellow at GlobalSecurity.org, said in an interview that he was skeptical about the value of such exercises.
  8. Army's Stryker vehicles to get safer By Scott Fontaine The News Tribune 06 March 2010 -- John E. Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a think tank on defense and security issues, said Friday that the V-shape hull is probably a good idea but could make Strykers less stable.
  9. Facts about China's military forces-FACTBOX Reuters 05 March 2010 -- Sources: Reuters, International Institute for Strategic Studies. http://www.globalsecurity.org/index.html; U.S. Department of Defence; Congressional Research Service; Federation of American Scientists
  10. Can't Get A Job? Better Get Used To It By Diane Tucker Huffington Post 05 March 2010 -- "Joblessness is here to stay. One current assessment rates the chances a laid-off worker will ever regain his or her income level as only one in four," said Edward Corcoran, a Senior Fellow on national security issues at GlobalSecurity.org.
  11. China to Launch Space Station Module in 2011 By Mark McDonald The New York Times 03 March 2010 -- Charles P. Vick, a senior analyst at GlobalSecurity.org, said in an authoritative study that China's "space station programs have clearly won out in government planning priorities over the lunar aspirations."
  12. Anti-China terrorist reportedly killed By Hao Zhou and Qiu Yongzheng Global Times 03 March 2010 -- "TIP is said to be another name for the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Party (ETIP), also known as the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM), a small Islamic extremist group," according to globalsecurity.org.
  13. News Analysis: Economy, terrorists' next target? By David Harris People's Daily Online 03 March 2010 -- The sentiment is shared by John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a website focusing on providing security information.
  14. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed trial still on hold By William Chamberlin The Guardsman 01 March 2010 -- Globalsecurity.org reports that Mohammed proposed the 9/11 terrorism plans to Osama Bin Laden in 1996, and Bin Laden approved by 1999.