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February 2010 News

  1. New Army deal boosts Lockheed Orlando unit to $550 million since early January By Richard Burnett Orlando Sentinel 24 February 2010 -- "I think it shows that the people who said it is going to be all hearts-and-minds counterinsurgency are a bit off base," said Pike, the founder of Globalsecurity.org, a research firm in Washington.
  2. Radical terror group of Muslim women uncovered By Jim Kouri, CPP Newjerseynewsroom.com 22 February 2010 -- Today it is illegal but tolerated as Egypt's most popular and powerful non-governmental organization, according to GlobalSecurity.org.
  3. UN watchdog raises stakes in showdown with Iran By Paul Koring The Globe and Mail 29 February 2010 -- "If it has taken the IAEA this long to figure out that Iran might have a nuclear-weapons program, then I guess they were the last ones in the room to figure it out," said John Pike, an authority on defence policy and founder of GlobalSecurity.org.
  4. Grenade found in soldier's vehicle By Amanda Kim Stairrett Killeen Daily Herald 18 February 2010 -- The weapon is used to "deliver intense suppressive fire against enemy personnel and lightly armored vehicles or bunkers," according to information from www.globalsecurity.org.
  5. Birthday flower sign of power handover TODAYOnline.com 17 February 2010 -- North Korea says he turned 68 yesterday, a year younger than the age given by international sources including globalsecurity.org.
  6. Suicide bomber injures 5 Georgia soldiers at combat outpost in Afghanistan By Jeremy Redmon The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 15 February 2010 -- But suicide bombings on bases are a relatively new experience for the U.S. military, said John Pike, director of globalsecurity.org, a military information Web site.
  7. U.S. jet test-fires 'revolutionary' laser weapon Reuters 15 February 2010 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a military information website, said the test had not proven anything to him about the system's real-world value.
  8. Worries grow about America's cyber security By Scott Canon The Kansas City Star 12 February 2010 -- "There's a little more Hollywood in some of these dire scenarios than reality," said John Pike, the chief defense analyst at GlobalSecurity.org.