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January 2010 News

  1. Naval Air Station runways close tonight By Toph Tucker The Bowdoin Orient 29 January 2010 -- The base once employed close to 5,000 people, making it the second-largest employer in Maine, according to GlobalSecurity.org.
  2. Military wives, mothers gathering socks for troops By Emily Gersema The Arizona Republic 28 January 2010 -- The season lasts from December until April, according to GlobalSecurity.org.
  3. Afghanistan bans chemical used to make bombs By Amir Shah The Associated Press 22 January 2010 -- Ammonium nitrate fertilizer has been used to make about 95 percent of the bombs in Afghanistan, according to security think tank Globalsecurity.org.
  4. Afghanistan bans bomb chemical The Press Association 22 January 2010 -- But the government believes the new ban, announced yesterday, will make it more difficult for the Taliban to replenish supplies of ammonium nitrate, which the US think-tank Globalsecurity.com says has been used in more than 90% of the home-made bombs, the biggest killer of Nato troops in Afghanistan.
  5. DOD wants rocket troop transports, report says By Stars and Stripes 17 January 2010 -- The concept defies physics and the reality of what a small number of lightly armed troops could accomplish in enemy territory, John Pike, a military analyst who runs Globalsecurity.org, told USA Today.
  6. Sources: Haitian Refugees Could Go to Gitmo By Mike Levine FOX News.com 13 January 2010 -- In 1991, after a military coup ignited a violent power struggle in Haiti, more than 30,000 Haitian refugees passed through Guantanamo Bay, according to GlobalSecurity.org.
  7. Iraqi claims of thwarting terrorism plot against ministries spark sectarian bickering By Katharine Houreld The Canadian Press 12 January 2010 -- "This will not prevent the insurgents from attacking, but it will slow their operations," said analyst Tim Brown at GlobalSecurity.org.
  8. Rebels of the forgotten war By Archie Henderson The Times 11 January 2010 -- GlobalSecurity.org described the secession by Flec as "Angola's forgotten war" being waged by a force of no more than 2000, which was no match for the battle-hardened Angolan army.
  9. Profile: Cabinda separatists Al-Jazeera English 09 January 2010 -- About one dozen organisations, three of them armed, are believed to be operating in the enclave, according to the GlobalSecurity.org website.
  10. Sentiment stirs for U.S. to take care of its own By Rick Montgomery The Kansas City Star 09 January 2010 -- The generation that fought World War II "required little persuading that it was always better to fight a war in another country than to wait for one to erupt in your own," said John Pike of the defense think tank GlobalSecurity.org.
  11. Detroit Bomb was Sophisticated, Well Thought Out By Anthony L. Kimery HSToday 07 January 2010 -- All it takes is acetone, hydrogen peroxide and a strong acid like hydrochloric or sulfuric acid," states a GlobalSecurity.org fact paper on TATP.
  12. Ground Forces Still Want Manned Surveillance Aircraft, General Says By Stew Magnuson National Defense January 2010 -- In order to rapidly field the platform, the Air Force procured second-hand Beech C-12 turboprop aircraft and outfitted them with full-motion video and signals-intelligence gathering equipment, said a Globalsecurity.org factsheet on the program.