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November 2009 News

  1. Critics call Poland Patriot missile plan a symbolic gesture By Nancy Montgomery Stars and Stripes 26 October 2009 -- The Patriot battery was an add-on, said John Pike, director of globalsecurity.org.
  2. Bomb-makers being targeted by coalition forces in an increasingly prolific IED war By Dianna Cahn Stars and Stripes 25 October 2009 -- Those factories are located in a high-security compound that Globalsecurity.org says is also likely associated with Pakistan's nuclear weapons program.
  3. John Pike talks about the popularity of the AK-47 as the Russian designer celebrates his 90th birthday on the Colbert ReportAK-47 Designer Celebrates His Birthday - John Pike The Colbert Report 19 Nov 2009 -- John Pike talks about the popularity of the AK-47 as the Russian designer celebrates his 90th birthday.
  4. Ready, willing and unable to serve: 75% of young people are unfit for military duty, report finds By Rick Montgomery Chicago Tribune 18 October 2009 -- "To say 75 percent of an entire age group would be ineligible to serve, that sounds too high," said John Pike of the defense think tank GlobalSecurity.org, echoing the initial reaction of other military watchers.
  5. Explosion Hits U.S. Base in Afghan Capital By Mark McDonald The New York Times 13 October 2009 -- The unit at Camp Phoenix includes some 1,700 soldiers from New York, according to GlobalSecurity.org.
  6. Nato seizes bomb-making materials The Press Association 10 October 2009 -- The seizure included enough fertiliser to make dozens or even hundreds of roadside bombs, said John Pike, director of the military think-tank Globalsecurity.org.
  7. Korean navies exchange fire CNN 10 October 2009 -- Clashes have occurred before in the Yellow Sea, especially during crab fishing season, according to the defense news Web site Globalsecurity.org.
  8. $87.5m for new Mid-East army base By Tom Hyland Sydney Morning Herald 08 October 2009 -- Australian troops going to Afghanistan acclimatise in Kuwait, at a compound attached to a US base called Camp Victory. You can find more about the base at globalsecurity.org.
  9. N. Korea's Ryongchon blast site reborn with Soviet-era complexes By Sam Kim Yonhap News Agency 06 October 2009 -- Melvin said in an emailed interview that the image was compiled from publicly available sources, including Globalsecurity.org and Google Earth.
  10. Saudis bomb Yemen rebels across border By Ahmed Al-Haj and Salah Nasrawi The Associated Press 05 October 2009 -- The bulk of its air power, with more than 350 combat aircraft, derives from squadrons of F-15s and British-supplied Tornados, according to the military and intelligence analysis group GlobalSecurity.org.
  11. Is This China's Anti-Satellite Laser Weapon Site? By Noah Shachtman Wired.com 03 October 2009 -- "It's much simpler to have a laser homing seeker on the kill vehicle than to try to make the kill vehicle smart enough to do infrared homing," notes GlobalSecurity.org director John Pike.