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October 2009 News

  1. MILITARY: The Afghan narco state By Mark Walker The North County Times 31 October 2009 -- "Afghanistan is a one-crop country," said John Pike, founder of the military monitoring group GlobalSecurity.org in Washington.
  2. Will success of Ares I-X test flight change minds about the embattled program? By Kenneth Kesner The Huntsville Times 29 October 2009 -- "I don't know," said John Pike, space and defense expert and director of GlobalSecurity.org.
  3. Iraqi security officials held in blast aftermath By Rebecca Santana The Associated Press 29 October 2009 -- im Brown, an intelligence and military analyst with GlobalSecurity.org, questioned whether the truth would ever come out of such an investigation.
  4. Imagining World War III By Pam Zubeck The Colorado Springs Independent 29 October 2009 -- John Pike, a national security expert with globalsecurity.org, isn't surprised the first book got a lot of attention.
  5. UN inspectors visit once-secret Iranian site By Ali Akbar Dareini The Associated Press 25 October 2009 -- GlobalSecurity.org analyzed images from 2005 and January 2009 when the site was in an earlier phase of construction and believes the facility is not underground but was instead cut into a mountain.
  6. Lockheed Martin to shed 50 jobs at Archbald plant By James Haggerty The Scranton Times Tribune 23 October 2009 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense policy think tank in Alexandria, Va., said the local cutback reflects new attention to costs at Lockheed.
  7. 1,000 troops arrive in Israel for exercise By Nancy Montgomery Stars and Stripes 23 October 2009 -- "It's to provide reassurance to Israelis, and to demonstrate the depth of our concern to everybody else," said John Pike at the globalsecurity.org Web site.
  8. Bunker buster carries goal of deterring Iran By Scott Canon The Kansas City Star 22 October 2009 -- "When you let go, all of a sudden the plane is 10 percent lighter than it was a second ago," said John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org.
  9. Out of focus in Afghanistan By Joseph Trevithick Common Ground News Service 20 October 2009 -- One of the most pressing dilemmas facing Afghanistan today is the gap between Afghan and Western views on what constitutes an effective political system and a functional nation-state.
  10. Pakistan's nuclear arsenal safe, security experts say By Paul Koring The Globe and Mail 17 October 2009 -- "The nightmare is not so much a small group of extremists getting their hands on one bomb, but a large group of them getting the whole country," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org and an expert on missile and nuclear-weapons systems.
  11. Transferring troops from Iraq for buildup in Afghanistan a costly shortcut By Nancy Montgomery Stars and Stripes 11 October 2009 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, said that if U.S. leaders believed it was vital to get U.S. troops into Afghanistan, they'd get them there, even if guidelines for tour lengths and dwell time would again fall by the wayside.
  12. Water Discovery on Moon Spurs India's Lunar Ambition By Jay Shankar Bloomberg 09 October 2009 -- This is not "a 21st-century lunar race between China, Japan and India similar to the U.S. and former Soviet Union's efforts of the 1960s," Charles Vick.
  13. Lines drawn in Iranian nuke talks By Keith Phucas The Times Herald 05 October 2009 -- He wondered why diplomats aren't asking to have the International Atomic Energy Agency tour Natanz, where Iran announced in 2003 it was enriching uranium using centrifuge equipment, according to globalsecurity.org.
  14. Return to Arms By Keith Phucas The Times Herald 04 October 2009 -- The 108th Field Artillery Battalion was reportedly the first unit to use the name "National Guard," an adaptation of Napoleon's Garde Nationale, according to globalsecurity.org.
  15. Massive Ordnance Penetrator, a huge bunker buster bomb, to be outfitted for B-2 stealth bomber By John Keller Military and Aerospace Electronics 04 October 2009 -- U.S. defense contractors Northrop Grumman and Boeing Co. are developing the Massive Ordnance Penetrator under contract to Air Force Research Laboratory's Munitions Directorate at Eglin Air Force Base, and Defense Threat Reduction Agency, according to GlobalSecurity.org in Alexandria, Va.
  16. China showcases military hardware in 60th anniversary celebration Chicago Tribune 01 October 2009 -- China's official military budget was $70.3 billion this year, up sharply from $14.6 billion in 2000, according to Washington-based GlobalSecurity.org.