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September 2009 News

  1. Iran put nuclear site near base in case of attack By Ali Akbar Dareini The Associated Press 29 September 2009 -- GlobalSecurity.org analyzed images from 2005 and January 2009 when the site was in an earlier phase of construction and believes the facility is not underground but was instead cut into a mountain.
  2. US officials: A hunch, careful intelligence work led to discovery of Iranian nuclear site By Pamela Hess The Associated Press 28 September 2009 -- A separate analysis was done by GlobalSecurity.org of images taken earlier - between 2005 and January 2009 - by DigitalGlobe and also from Google.
  3. Robot Wars: The Hal Factor By Simon Roughneen ISN 25 September 2009 -- As John Pike, founder and director of GlobalSecurity.org told ISN Security Watch, "Most of the technical advances of the past few decades are manifestations of Moore's Law - the doubling of constant cost computer power every 18 months."
  4. Possible WWII vessel that's buried is leaking oil By Peggy O'Hare The Houston Chronicle 25 September 2009 -- More than 2,700 Liberty ships were built during World War II and carried war supplies through the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the Mediterranean Sea, the Persian Gulf and elsewhere, according to GlobalSecurity.org.
  5. Terror suspect stocked up beauty supplies CNN 25 September 2009 -- According to GlobalSecurity.org, an online resource for security information, TATP is extremely sensitive to impact, temperature change and friction.
  6. Missile defense shift has winners and losers By Mike Musgrove The Los Angeles Times 23 September 2009 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense industry research firm, said that under the Obama administration's proposed approach of using ship-based missiles to protect against threats from Iran, "you're going to need all these missiles that Raytheon makes, zillions of them."
  7. Exousia Receives First Purchase Order from Dalian Shipyard and Initiates Strategic Relationship Exousia Advanced Materials, Inc. 17 September 2009 -- For more information go to: www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/china/csic.htm
  8. Obama scraps Bush missile-defense plan By Ken Dilanian USA Today 17 September 2009 -- Bush's proposed missile shield, designed to counter intercontinental missiles from Iran, "was very much a signature initiative of theirs, both with respect to Central Europe and with respect to missile defense," says John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense think tank.
  9. Shelby, Sessions question cancellation of missile defense program By Brian Lyman The Huntsville Times 17 September 2009 -- "It will raise questions as to whether the US is a reliable partner," said John Pike, who runs Globalsecurity.org.
  10. Raytheon looks to the future By Andrew Johnson The Arizona Republic 16 September 2009 -- "I don't know if they're (Raytheon) going to make any money off it any time soon," said John Pike, director of Alexandria, Va.-based GlobalSecurity .org, a Web site that tracks the defense industry.
  11. Al-Qaeda Operative Killed in Somalia Raid, U.S. Says By Viola Gienger Bloomberg 15 September 2009 -- Twenty-seven U.S. military personnel died during that intervention as a result of hostile action, according to the GlobalSecurity.org. Web site.
  12. Obama Plan to End Missile Defense Concerns Analysts By John Rossomando Newsmax 09 September 2009 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, agrees, saying nixing the bases rewards Moscow's policy of intimidating those nations that were under its control at one point and amounts to recognition that Russia has residual hegemonic control over the areas it once controlled.
  13. Discovering Dakota | Looking around in LaMoure By Logan C. Adams The Jamestown Sun 07 September 2009 -- OMEGA was shut down in 1997, according to globalsecurity.org, after GPS had proven to be so much more accurate.
  14. MILITARY: Marines prep for possible second surge to Afghanistan By Mark Walker The North County Times 04 September 2009 -- "If he doesn't, and there's another attack on the U.S. or West by al-Qaida, Obama will be blamed for not having prevented it," said John Pike of the military monitoring firm GlobalSecurity.org.
  15. National Guard tightens recruiting By Meghan Barr The Associated Press 03 September 2009 -- John Pike, director of the military think tank Globalsecurity.org, said the government is trying to reduce the outcry over the heavy use of the Guard in the Iraq war and wants to return the force to its original part-time status.
  16. Military source warns of North's EMP bomb By Kim Min-seok, Yoo Jee-ho JoongAng Daily 02 September 2009 -- According to Australia-based defense analyst Carlo Kopp and his paper at the GlobalSecurity.org Web site, the EMP effect can cause irreversible damage to electrical and electronic devices, such as computers, radio and radar.
  17. China set to unveil new missiles: state media Agence France-Presse 01 September 2009 -- The missile would be China's longest-range ICBM, according to US-based GlobalSecurity.org, a leading independent source of military information.
  18. FACTBOX-How China and Taiwan square off militarily Reuters 01 September 2009 -- Sources: Reuters, International Institute for Strategic Studies, globalsecurity.org, Taiwan's Ministry of National Defence. (Writing by Ben Blanchard and Ralph Jennings; Editing by Benjamin Kang Lim)