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July 2009 News

  1. Iraqi police: 19 killed in Baghdad bombings The Associated Press 31 July 2009 -- "Every month that goes by with a substantially diminished level of violence creates the presumption that the Iraqi government is stable and this is not going to fly apart," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, which follows security and defense issues.
  2. 4 Russian Mi-17 Helicopters to Afghan Army for $43.5M Defense Industry Daily 30 July 2009 -- The aircraft is configured with a five bladed main rotor system (70 feet diameter), and a wheeled landing gear, notes Globalsecurity.org.
  3. Balfour Beatty to Build 2 Schools at Fort Bragg, NC Defense Industry Daily 29 July 2009 -- According to Globalsecurity.org, Fort Bragg is located just west of Fayetteville, NC, on an irregularly-shaped parcel of land, covering approximately 160,700 acres (or 251 square miles), that stretches into 4 counties.
  4. Up to $375M to L-3 for USAFE Computer, Intelligence Analysis Support Defense Industry Daily 29 July 2009 -- The JAC's mission, notes Globalsecurity.com, is to analyze, process and produce fused intelligence information for the United States and NATO.
  5. SPAWAR Awards SAIC a $7M Contract to Develop Container Security Devices Defense Industry Daily 27 July 2009 -- According to Globalsecurity.org, a container security device, which includes a heavy-duty seal and an electronic sensor, registers every legitimate, as well as unauthorized, opening of a shipping container.
  6. MILITARY: Local Marines holding ground in Helmand's Nawa District By Mark Walker North County Times 25 July 2009 -- John Pike at GlobalSecurity.org, a Washington military monitoring group, said the Afghan government needs the U.S. and NATO troops to reduce the violence and the Taliban's hold on the countryside.
  7. Alliant to Supply M1028 120mm Tank Rounds Defense Industry Daily 23 July 2009 -- According to Globalsecurity.org, the M1028 is a tank round comprised of 1150 (est.) tungsten balls, which are expelled upon muzzle exit.
  8. Israel concerned over US "umbrella" on Iran By Mark Lavie The Associated Press 23 July 2009 -- "Arrow has had a pretty successful test program," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org.
  9. Iran Turmoil May Cost Hezbollah, Hamas Amid Retreat By Ben Holland and Massoud A. Derhally Bloomberg.com 21 July 2009 -- Saudi Arabia is one of Hamas's two biggest sources of cash, along with Iran, according to the Washington-based research group GlobalSecurity.org.
  10. Not a giant leap By Tom Abate Global Post 21 July 2009 -- But John Pike, an aerospace expert with GlobalSecurity.org, said the SpaceX launch actually showed how little progress has been made in space over the last 40 years, especially as compared to other technology fields like computing.
  11. Why did it take so long to catch spy for China? By Ron Scherer The Christian Science Monitor 18 July 2009 -- "The prevailing view of the Chinese style of espionage is that they are not in a position to acquire big secrets and even if they were, they couldn't do anything with them," says John Pike, director of globalsecurity.org , a research group in Washington.
  12. General Dynamics to Support USAF Air Defense Communications Service 2 Defense Industry Daily 16 July 2009 -- According to Globalsecurity.org, the Air Force's AN/USQ-163 Falconer AOC is the command-and-control center that plans, executes and assesses aerospace operations during a contingency or conflict.
  13. Funny-looking Beach radar station is serious business By Deirdre Fernandes The Virginian-Pilot 15 July 2009 -- "They are not optional," said John Pike, director of the military information Web site GlobalSecurity.org.
  14. Analyst: U.S. military advantages disappearing By Geoff Ziezulewicz Stars and Stripes 13 July 2009 -- John Pike, who heads Globalsecurity.org, a defense information clearinghouse, called the article "a real knee-slapper."
  15. Tomahawk may get ship-killer role By Enric Volante Arizona Daily Star 12 July 2009 -- The U.S. Navy might want a longer-range Tomahawk because China's navy "keeps getting better and better," said GlobalSecurity.org military analyst John Pike.
  16. Up to $33M to Trijicon for M240B Machine Gun Optics Defense Industry Daily 08 July 2009 -- The M240B 7.62mm machine gun, produced by Fabrique Nationale, is a fully-automatic, gas-operated, belt-fed, crew-served weapon, notes Globalsecurity.org.
  17. $24.4M to Kiewit for Pearl Harbor Fitness Center Defense Industry Daily 07 July 2009 -- Naval Station Pearl Harbor was originally authorized in 1908, explains Globalsecurity.org.
  18. Up to $41M to Lockheed Martin for Japan Aegis Modernization Defense Industry Daily 05 July 2009 -- The Kongo class is Japan's 4th generation Guided Missile Destroyer (DDG) and has a different appearance and contents from previous Japanse DDG designs, according to Globalsecurity.org.
  19. Can Obama catch Osama? By Lynda Hurst The Toronto Star 04 July 2009 -- "They don't know who they're blowing up," says John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org.
  20. North Korea tests short range missiles By Shelby G. Spires The Huntsville Times 02 July 2009 -- "There is a low probability of any long range tests before July 18," said Charles Vick, a defense analyst with GlobalSecurity.org.
  21. Army deals in limbo By Richard Burnett Orlando Sentinel 01 July 2009 -- "The costs kept running higher and higher, and the technical issues kept getting more complicated," said John Pike, president of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense-policy research firm in Washington.
  22. $35.2M to American Bridge for New Pier at New London Submarine Base Defense Industry Daily 01 July 2009 -- All submariners are stationed there for training and perhaps a tour onboard a fast attack submarine or with a pre-commissioning crew while their submarine is under construction, notes Globalsecurity.org.