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May 2009 News

  1. Border calm as tensions rise on Korean peninsula The Associated Press 28 May 2009 -- North Korea continues to pour what little resources it has on its own troops, described by the authoritative Web site GlobalSecurity.org as "North Korea's largest employer, purchaser, and consumer."
  2. 32nd in control of International Zone FOX 11 WLUK-TV 28 May 2009 -- According to the Web site GlobalSecurity.org , the International Zone, formerly known as the Green Zone, is the heavily-guarded area of closed-off streets in central Baghdad where U.S. occupation authorities live and work.
  3. Pentagon push for vehicle program menaces another By Andrea Shalal-Esa Reuters 26 May 2009 -- "MRAP has taken on a life of its own, independent of the original requirements," said John Pike, defense analyst for globalsecurity.org.
  4. US investigator exposes Iran's nuclear weapons 'shopping list' By Philip Sherwell London Daily Telegraph 24 May 2009 -- "It's the usual list of items that Iran needs for its missile and weapons programmes," said John Pike, director of globalsecurity.org, a private security research group.
  5. Search for copter victims continues By Steve Liewer and Karen Kucher The San-Diego Union-Tribune 21 May 2009 -- The air wing is participating in a Composite Unit Training Exercise, a three-week drill that is standard for strike groups preparing to deploy, according to the military-oriented Web site Globalsecurity.org.
  6. Iran fires missile, tests US By Frank Stockman The Boston Globe 21 May 2009 -- But Charles Vick, a senior technical analyst at GlobalSecurity.org, a Virginia-based think tank on international security issues, saw the launch differently.
  7. US officials: Iran missile may be more advanced By Pamela Hess and Pauline Jelinek The Associated Press 20 May 2009 -- "I'm not all that impressed," Vick said. "It's just another test that confirms they've got the system that was operational last summer."
  8. General: School will meet increased troop demand By Kevin Maurer The Associated Press 20 May 2009 -- John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org, a Washington, D.C. area think tank, said it is about motivating soldiers to join and stay in Special Forces.
  9. Swine flu outbreak reveals military plans, gaps By Lolita C. Baldor The Associated Press 20 May 2009 -- As a result, said John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org, "The military has a long and glorious association with pandemics."
  10. Aircraft built here takes off By Peter Guinta The St. Augustine Record 17 May 2009 -- According to GlobalSecurity.org web site, the E-2D will feature "state-of-the art radar with a two-generation leap in capability, as well as upgraded aircraft systems" designed to "provide advance warning of approaching enemy surface units, cruise missiles and aircraft, (and) to vector interceptors or strike aircraft to attack."
  11. McConnell leads charge against decision to close Guantanamo By James R. Carroll Louisville Courier-Journal 17 May 2009 -- "I think that issue was relevant many years ago when we thought they (terrorists) were coming out of manhole covers," Pike said.
  12. Command may be in S.A. by end of the year By Gary Martin San-Antonio Express News 16 May 2009 -- "It is supposed to defend our computers and attack the enemy's computers, in the simplest terms," said John Pike, director and founder of globalsecurity.org, a military information Web site.
  13. New Homeland Security Science Chief Nominee Sparks Debate on Bioterror Threat By Steven Clark FOX News 13 May 2009 -- "She's a bad choice," George Smith, a protein chemist and senior fellow at GlobalSecurity.org., told FOXNews.com.
  14. U.S. soldier kills 5 comrades in Iraq, officials say CNN 11 May 2009 -- Once known as Camp Victory North, the base was renamed Camp Liberty in September 2004, or Camp Al-Tahreer in Arabic, according to GlobalSecurity.org, a Web site that provides background on military and security issues.
  15. While NASA awaits review, critics eye rocket options By Shelby G. Spires The Huntsville Times 11 May 2009 -- "Here we are four decades after Mercury and NASA cannot develop a new rocket? That's just ludicrous. Nobody can come up with a capsule to put onto a Delta rocket and send it to the space station?" Pike asked.
  16. Afghan group: Taliban may have used burning agent By Jason Stazoiso The Associated Press 11 May 2009 -- It is used to mark targets, create smoke screens or as a weapon, and can be delivered by shells, flares or hand grenades, according to GlobalSecurity.org.
  17. DHS' New Chief Geek is a Bioterror 'Disaster,' Critics Charge By Noah Shachtman Wired.com 06 May 2009 -- To George Smith, a protein chemist and senior fellow at GlobalSecurity.org, these exercsies show O'Toole to be "the top academic/salesperson for the coming of apocalyptic bioterrorism which has never quite arrived."