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March 2009 News

  1. FACTBOX-NKorea satellite or missile test. What's the difference? Reuters 31 Mar 2009 -- Source: U.S. Congressional Research Service, South Korea's Defence Ministry, GlobalSecurity.org, Reuters
  2. S. Korea opposes military reaction By Jae-Soon Chang The Associated Press 30 Mar 2009 -- Commercial satellite imagery taken Sunday by DigitalGlobe clearly shows what appears to be a three-stage launch vehicle on the launch pad in Musudan-ni on North Korea's east coast, said Tim Brown, an analyst for globalsecurity.org.
  3. Robot killers might be allowed to fire on their own By Robert S. Boyd McClatchy Newspapers 29 Mar 2009 -- Autonomous armed robotic systems probably will be operating by 2020, according to John Pike, an expert on defense and intelligence matters and the director of the security Web site GlobalSecurity.org in Washington.
  4. 82nd has not received Afghanistan orders yet By Drew Brooks The Fayetteville Observer 28 Mar 2009 -- John Pike, director of globalsecurity.org, a Washington defense policy think tank, said the mission outlined by Obama is one that would normally be assigned to special operations soldiers.
  5. Obama retools Afghan war strategy By Mitch Potter Toronto Star 28 Mar 2009 -- "If you don't make the drug trade a top priority you don't get anywhere, in my view. And it worries me that Obama didn't mention that issue until three-quarters of the way into a 25-point plan," John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org told the Star.
  6. Vilseck's 2nd Cav regiment set to receive M-777 towed Howitzers By Seth Robson Stars and Stripes 28 Mar 2009 -- The M-777, which, according to globalsecurity.org, can fire rocket-assisted ammunition at targets up to 40 kilometers away, is the first major upgrade to medium-range artillery since 1979, Bergosh said.
  7. War Is Boring: Military Balance with China Depends on Indian Carriers By David Axe World Politics Review 18 Mar 2009 -- "The real question is money," says John Pike, an analyst with Globalsecurity.org, based in Virginia.
  8. Reports question U.S. shield of Europe By Ken Dilanian USA Today 16 Mar 2009 -- Still, John Pike, a defense expert who runs the national security website globalsecurity.org, says the weak test record will improve and the system may be worth deploying despite its flaws.
  9. Russians may land long-range bombers in Venezuela, Cuba By Carol Rosenberg and Phil Gunson The Miami Herald 15 Mar 2009 -- Defense analyst John Pike of GlobalSecurity.Org said Saturday he had no independent basis to confirm it but thought the base agreement was plausible.
  10. FACTBOX-North Korea's Taepodong-2 long-range missile Reuters 13 Mar 2009 -- Source: U.S. Congressional Research Service, South Korea's Defence Ministry, GlobalSecurity.org, Reuters
  11. Next-gen Apache helicopters get new technology By Andrew Johnson Arizona Republic 11 Mar 2009 -- ohn Pike, director with defense-industry tracker GlobalSecurity.org in Alexandria, Va., said being able to navigate UAVs while manning the Apache is a major step forward.
  12. NKorea launch may actually put satellite in space By Pamela Hess The Associated Press 11 Mar 2009 -- Tim Brown, a senior fellow at Global Security.org who is closely monitoring commercial imagery for signs of a launch, said North Korea could be using a satellite launch to end-run the 2006 Security Council ban.
  13. Obama Seeks to Delay Tanker, Cancel Bomber By Josh Rogin Congressional Quarterly 09 Mar 2009 -- John Pike, director of the Web site GlobalSecurity.org, said that the next-generation bomber program would be easier to eliminate politically because the program was still in its infancy.
  14. Meltdown 101: Can troop move aid defense industry? By Donna Borak The Associated Press 05 Mar 2009 -- "They are looking to obtain a decisive capability" that could "make a major contribution to winning the war," John Pike, a defense analyst and director of GlobalSecurity.org said.
  15. U.S. experts critical of Russian officer's suspicion over satellite crash Xinhua 04 Mar 2009 -- U.S. defense expert John Pike, also director of GlobalSecurity.org, said the Russian officer or the report may have mixed two irrelevant things up.
  16. NC-based 82nd Airborne headquarters to Afghanistan By Kevin Maurer The Associated Press 02 Mar 2009 -- John Pike, a defense analyst and director of GlobalSecurity.org, said a key to success is identifying "real" Taliban.