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December 2006 News

  1. Like All Else, Space Exploration Goes Global By John Schwartz The New York Times December 31, 2006 -- John E. Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org, an organization that monitors defense and space operations, said, “The paradox of the space program has been to make extraordinarily difficult things look easy, and to make really exciting things boring.”
  2. Execution of justice: New year, new goals with Saddam gone By Jules Crittenden Boston Herald December 31, 2006 -- John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org, who has been studying the satellite imagery, holds that concentrated strikes on Iranian nuclear weapons sites and conventional air defenses can in short order blow that country’s WMD dreams back into the Stone Age.
  3. FACTBOX-Iraq war costs mount for U.S. public Reuters December 31, 2006 -- Sources: www.icasualties.org/Reuters news reports/GlobalSecurity.org /Congressional Research Service/Government Accountability Office
  4. Iraqis split on impact of Saddam's hanging By Jules Crittenden Boston Herald December 27, 2006 -- John Pike at GlobalSecurity.org said he is concerned about the potential for any incident such as Saddam’s execution and retaliatory attacks to cause “a generalized escalation that would put an extra zero in the death rate ... All it’s going to take is one more infamy or escalation, and it could fly off the handle.”
  5. 'Atrocity' cases test US military justice By Brad Knickerbocker The Christian Science Monitor December 22, 2006 -- "It seems to me the main point is that these incidents are symptoms of combat stress," says John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org.
  6. Duke researcher finds that millions know war dead and wounded By Estes Thompson The Associated Press December 21, 2006 -- Fewer people are likely to know someone killed or wounded in the current battles because the war is smaller than those of the past century, said military analyst John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org.
  7. Air Force micro-satellite to test tactical data comms By Josh Rogin Federal Computer Week December 20, 2006 -- “The overall objective of the TacSat experiments is to test the key elements needed to realize an operationally responsive space system,” according to GlobalSecurity.org.
  8. Taliban fought in vain on hill By Kevin Maurer The Fayetteville Observer December 17, 2006 -- “There has been a steady escalation of their tactics and capability,” said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a Washington defense policy think tank.
  9. Analysis: Iraq's oil smugglin By Ben Lando UPI December 15, 2006 -- Seemingly no one knows where it will end up, John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, told UPI.
  10. Roberts leaving, Bond to be ranking member on Intelligence panel By Sam Hananel The Associated Press December 13, 2006 -- John Pike, director of Washington-based think tank GlobalSecurity.org, said it's hard to gauge Bond's likely impact in his new position.
  11. Hydrogen vs. kerosene By Eric Fleischauer The Decatur Daily December 10, 2006 -- “Economically, combining production makes sense,” said Charles Vick, a senior fellow at GlobalSecurity.org in Washington. “We have to realize how much the launch industry has collapsed since the Cold War.”
  12. 'Things could be tense' for soldiers in Kosovo By Nancy Montgomery Stars and Stripes December 10, 2006 -- “They gave it to the Guard on recruiting and retention grounds,” said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a Web site that provides information on defense, space, intelligence and homeland security.
  13. Paratroopers brace for Taliban By Kevin Maurer The Fayetteville Observer December 07, 2006 -- Despite five years in Afghanistan, John Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org, a Washington defense policy think tank, sees no end to the fighting.
  14. Training Iraq in security won't be easy By Anna Badkhen San Francisco Chronicle December 07, 2006 -- "The effectiveness issues are a little more fundamental then how many Americans you've got riding shotgun with them," said John Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org, a military think tank in Alexandria, Va.
  15. Newsview: Terminology on Iraq Masks Rift By Steven R. Hurst The Associated Press December 01, 2006 -- Webster's New World College Dictionary calls it a "war between geographical sections or political factions of the same nation." The Web site http://www.GlobalSecurity.org sets out five criteria: rivals must control territory, have a functioning government, enjoy some foreign recognition, control identifiable regular armed forces and mount major military operations.