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February 2006 News

  1. Republicans Deeply Split Over Dubai Ports Deal CNN: LOU DOBBS TONIGHT February 28, 2006 -- JOHN PIKE, GLOBALSECURITY.ORG: If it wasn't for that subsidy program, the United States, I don't think, wouldn't -- we wouldn't have any flag ships at all for cargo trade because the American crews are simply too expensive relative to a crew that you could put together from, say, the Philippines.
  2. US should consider offering Iran incentives: analysts Agence France Presse February 28, 2006 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a Virginia-based think tank, said he also believes the US will launch selective strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities.
  3. Identities of plane crash victims released By Allison Gatlin and James C. Loughrie Antelope Valley Press February 28, 2006 -- The L-39 Albatros is a jet trainer developed in Czechoslovakia and used by the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia in the 1970s. It is the standard jet trainer used by former Warsaw Pact countries, as well as Afghanistan, Algeria, Ethiopia, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Syria and Vietnam, according to GlobalSecurity.org.
  4. Nuclear sub force to nearly double By Otto Kreisher and Steve Liewer Copley News Service / San Diego Union-Tribune February 28, 2006 -- Attack submarines form the backbone of the Navy's underwater fleet. They are capable of launching torpedoes and Tomahawk cruise missiles, according to the military Web site globalsecurity.org.
  5. Price of Air Force's F-22 topic of debate By James W. Crawley Media General News Service February 27, 2006 -- Defense analyst John Pike, who heads the independent GlobalSecurity.org, said that the F-22 "seems to be an awfully expensive solution to a problem that no longer exists."
  6. Iraq violence clouds US exit strategy Agence France Presse February 26, 2006 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org which specializes on defense issues, said that if the US public was still behind keeping troops in Iraq for now, they likely would not want them in the middle of a civil war.
  7. Computer ills hinder NSA By Siobhan Gorman The Baltimore Sun February 26, 2006 -- "The stuff that NSA does is probably more valuable today than it's ever been," said John Pike of Globalsecurity.org, who has monitored the intelligence agencies for 25 years.
  8. Marines join special operations community By Estes Thompson The Associated Press February 24, 2006 -- Special operations will give the Marines "a role they otherwise would not be able to get, to do counterterrorism," said military analyst John Pike of Washington-based Globalsecurity.org.
  9. CFIUS Members May Have Broken U.S. Law CNN: LOU DOBBS TONIGHT February 23, 2006 -- JOHN PIKE, GLOBALSECURITY.ORG: There's something like 10,000 ocean-going cargo ships around the world. Only a couple of hundred of them are under American flag.
  10. Hatch puts spin on 'brainless' comment By Robert Gehrke The Salt Lake Tribune February 22, 2006 -- Said John Pike, director of the national security think tank GlobalSecurity.org: "I guess I don't have a brain, then. "There's no doubt that [Iraq] had contact with [al-Qaida]. OK. But I think that it would be something of a stretch to suggest they provided material assistance to them."
  11. Northrop vying for $2.5B contract By James Bernstein Newsday February 21, 2006 -- "When I think of a surveillance company, I tend to think of Northrop Grumman rather than General Dynamics," said John Pike, director of Globalsecurity.org, a Washington, D.C.-based organization that tracks military spending.
  12. Storm rages over ports deal By Elisa Ung Philadelphia Inquirer February 21, 2006 -- John E. Pike, director of the security think tank Globalsecurity.org, said that while there was cause for some concern over the company's transparency, "I think there's a fair amount of hysteria. As far as I can detect, the main thing that would change here is where the money ultimately goes. I can't detect much of a change in terms of who is actually unlocking the door in the morning."
  13. Adventure Capital: Predator Red Herring February 20, 2006 -- “General Atomics has recognized that it’s a rapidly evolving field, and the race is to the swift,” says John Pike, president of Globalsecurity.org, a clearinghouse for industry information and analysis.
  14. Will unmanned aerial vehicles run out of air? By David C. WalshGovernment Computer News February 20, 2006 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, said DOD’s plans for greater use are unworkable because the portion of the radio spectrum the drones rely on is finite and is rapidly being used up by other commercial and DOD programs.
  15. 82nd ready, but no one says 'jump' By Estes Thompson The Associated Press February 20, 2006 -- "You could imagine that might come in handy one day," John Pike, a military analyst with globalsecurity.org, said of the paratroopers' ability to jump into a fight.
  16. Evacuation? It's not in state's plans By Bruce Finley Denver Post 19 Feb 2006 -- "To have a generic evacuation requirement that is not scenario-specific is unrealistic. Different areas have different levels of requirement for evacuation," said John Pike, director of the Global Security think tank in Washington
  17. Defense overtones clouds U.S.-Mexico scientific venture By Ioan Grillo The Associated Press February 19, 2006 -- While the telescope is designed to pick up radio waves that have traveled vast distances through space, the technology also could be used to build antennas that pick up the same waves much closer to home, said John Pike, director of military information website globalsecurity.org.
  18. Funding Doubled for "Anti-Terror" Forces in Africa By John Lasker Inter Press Service February 15, 2006 -- "They're not just training. They're going in there and tracking down evil-doers," said John Pike, director of the Virginia-based GlobalSecurity.org, which documents military actions around the globe.
  19. Picatinny's nonlethal response The Star Ledger February 13, 2006 -- "You're facing a narrow band between ineffective and lethal," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a defense and security Web site based in Virginia.
  20. Outed CIA officer was working on Iran, intelligence sources say By Larisa Alexandrovna The Raw Story February 13, 2006 -- According to intelligence expert John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org, U.S. officials were not aware of the extent of the proliferation until around the time of Khan's dismissal.
  21. Guam team in Philippines to set up for Balikatan '06 Stars and Stripes February 13, 2006 -- In the wake of extensive U.S. deployments to provide South Asia tsunami relief, the 2005 exercise was greatly curtailed. About 300 U.S. personnel and 550 from the Philippines took part, according to GlobalSecurity.org, a defense information Web site.
  22. Pentagon plans bomb blitz on Iran's nuclear sites By Philip Sherwell The Age February 13, 2006 -- ''When the Americans or Israelis are thinking about [military force], I hope they will sit down and think about everything the ayatollahs could do to make our lives miserable and what we will do to discourage them," said John Pike, director of the think tank GlobalSecurity.org, referring to Iran's religious leaders.
  23. Iran is prepared to retaliate, experts warn By Bryan Bender The Boston Globe February 12, 2006 -- ''When the Americans or Israelis are thinking about [military force], I hope they will sit down and think about everything the ayatollahs could do to make our lives miserable and what we will do to discourage them," said John Pike, director of the think tank GlobalSecurity.org, referring to Iran's religious leaders.
  24. Bush pushes to increase defense spending By Eric Rosenberg Hearst Newspapers February 12, 2006 -- "Much of the spending has little to do with fighting the war on terrorism," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, an independent research group that tracks trends in worldwide militaries.
  25. New name, same conflict By Tim Harper Toronto Star February 11, 2006 -- John Pike, a military analyst at GlobalSecurity.Org, suggests, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, that the Pentagon should call it The Forever War.
  26. Chinese Agent Nabbed Trying To Buy Military Secrets CNN: LOU DOBBS TONIGHT February 10, 2006 -- JOHN PIKE, GLOBALSECURITY.ORG: If it's a choice between developing their own military technology or stealing, buying military technology developed at American taxpayer expense, you know, I think that the choice is obvious. If this had succeeded, and others certainly are succeeding, this stuff is basically going to wind up threatening Americans.
  27. Experts Say U.S. in Iraq for Long Haul v Associated Press February 10, 2006 -- "The Iraqi security forces have disintegrated on two previous occasions, in early 2004 and late 2004," said John Pike of the security think tank GlobalSecurity.org. "They will probably be a work in progress for some time to come."
  28. CAFB official says special operations still eyeing base By Marlena Hartz Portales News-Tribune February 10, 2006 -- But there are smaller commands around the country, as well as overseas, which also specialize in unconventional warfare, psychological operations, special reconnaissance, and other special operations areas, according to the Web site, www.globalsecurity.org.
  29. Violence mars Ashura festivalCNN February 10, 2006 -- The martyrdom of Hussein carries a significance for Shia similar to Christ's crucifixion, according to GlobalSecurity.org, an international security group
  30. 'Cyber Storm' simulation aims to head off computer assault By Lisa Hoffman Scripps Howard News Service February 9, 2006 -- "We definitely have security problems, but they are more in the nature of self-inflicted wounds that render us vulnerable to hooligans than to guys in turbans and beards hunched over laptops in caves," said John Pike, head of GlobalSecurity.org, a national security think tank.
  31. Sikorsky praise called into question By Peter Urban The Connecticut Post February 08, 2006 -- "He knows that Sen. Lieberman has a soft spot for those helicopters," said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, which studies defense, space and intelligence policy.
  32. NASA budget: more space travel, less science By Bruce Nichols The Dallas Morning News February 07, 2006 -- "Texas did pretty well," agreed longtime space program analyst John Pike of Virginia-based GlobalSecurity.org.
  33. Apocalyptic Powerpoints By Douglas Waller, Sally B. Donnelly Time February 6, 2006 -- Says security analyst John Pike: "The Pentagon has a long tradition of dialing up the threat to get more dollars at budget time."
  34. Uncle Sam Wants Youth By Josh Brodesky The Times-Tribune February 5, 2006 -- John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a nonpartisan Virginia-based think tank, says the Army has struggled to fill recruits while other branches have not.
  35. Defiant Tehran Bans UN Inspectors Mail on Sunday February 5, 2006 -- Analysts believe it is only a matter of time before the US attacks Iranian nuclear sites if diplomacy fails. 'The US will wipe out the Iranian nuclear plants in about 18 months,' said Dr John Pike of American think-tank GlobalSecurity.org.
  36. Need for ICBMs is a matter of debate By Mary Clare Jalonick Associated Press February 5, 2006 -- John Pike, military analyst and founder of Washington-based think tank GlobalSecurity.org, supports reducing the stockpile but says the country "will be in the ICBM business for a long time."
  37. A Bold Plan to Go Where Men Have Gone Before By Leslie Wayne The New York Times February 5, 2006 -- "This is an enormously difficult business to make money in," said John E. Pike, a space policy analyst at GlobalSecurity.Org, a nonprofit group in Alexandria, Va., that analyzes national security issues.
  38. Barksdale has long history of change By John Andrew Prime The Shreveport Times February 5, 2006 -- According to the military think-tank GlobalSecurity.Org, Barksdale and its four squadrons -- three with the active-duty 2nd Bomb Wing and one in the Air Force Reserve's 917th Wing -- normally support 57 B-52s while Minot supports 36.
  39. NSA's struggle to tap a wily foe By Peter Grier The Christian Science Monitor February 3, 2006 -- NSA has had the ability to do automatic speech and voice recognition for at least a decade, says John Pike of GlobalSecurity.org.
  40. Navy commissions first active-duty anti-terror squadron By Seth Hettena Associated Press February 2, 2006 -- "They are bringing together a whole series of related types of units that are going to be, one would imagine, increasingly important as operations keep getting closer to the shore," said John Pike of globalsecurity.org. "It's very symptomatic of how the Navy's thinking has changed since the end of the Cold War."
  41. Ceramic side plates complete the well-armored soldier's combat shield By Gordon Smith Copley News Service February 2, 2006 -- “If you look at the guys wearing this armor, they look like turtles,” said John Pike, director of GlobalSecurity.org, a Web site that tracks military issues.