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The Associated Press June 22, 2006

A Look at North Korea's Missile Arsenal


North Korea is believed to have an arsenal of ballistic missiles and has claimed to have a nuclear weapon. It isn't believed to have a nuclear bomb small and light enough to be carried by a missile. A look at some of the missiles the communist nation is believed to control.

_ TAEPODONG-2: Believed to be North Korea's most advanced missile, with a range as long as 9,320 miles. Experts estimate it could potentially hit the mainland United States with a small payload. However, the missile is unlikely to be accurate.

_ TAEPODONG-1: North Korea is believed to have test-launched this long-range missile in August 1998. The second stage landed off Japan's eastern coast. The missile, with an estimated range of up to 1,800 miles, is believed capable of striking any part of Japan.

_ NODONG: As many as 200 Nodong missiles are in North Korea's arsenal. With a range of about 620 miles, Japan is their most likely target. The missiles can be fired from mobile launchers and have been sold abroad.

_ SCUD: North Korea is believed to have more than 600 Scud-type missiles that are relatively short-range and would potentially target South Korea.

Sources: Globalsecurity.org, Center for Nonproliferation Studies

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