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CNN: LOU DOBBS TONIGHT January 20, 2006

RNC Members Didn't Challenge Guest Worker Amnesty Initiative


DOBBS: Tonight, compelling new evidence that the Mexican military is repeatedly crossing the border into the United States. The Minutemen say a new video could lay to rest any doubt that anyone has that the Mexican military is violating border agreement and completely ignoring U.S. sovereignty.

Casey Wian reports.


CASEY WIAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice over): Are these Mexican soldiers fleeing back across the U.S. border in Arizona? Minuteman project co-founder Chris Simcox, who shot this video in January 2004, says he thinks they are.

CHRIS SIMCOX, MINUTEMAN PROJECT CO-FOUNDER: We caught them about 500 -- 500 yards inside our border. Then they then ran through the bushes and ran back into Mexico, back up to their -- to the humvee. We're not sure, but they looked like Mexican military that we have encountered many times along the border.

WIAN: The Mexican government claims its troops are ordered to stay a mile away from the border and denies reports by the Homeland Security Department that Mexican soldiers crossed into the United States without permission nearly twice a month over the past decade.

Simcox says the heavily-armed men wearing military uniforms and driving numbered military-style vehicles then crossed back into the United States and confronted him through a cattle fence.

SIMCOX: They wanted the videotape. We declined. They said we were bothering them, that they were just out there doing their job. And that was it.

WIAN: Simcox says he did not ask the men who they were or what they were doing.

SIMCOX: At that point, when I'm standing there facing a squad of supposedly Mexican military, which also could have been a rogue group, carrying automatic weapons, it was something I didn't feel comfortable challenging at that point.

WIAN: We played the video for a well-known international security expert who was outraged.

JOHN PIKE, GLOBALSECURITY.ORG: It really looks like either a corrupt Mexican soldiers or people who are able to run around dressed like Mexican soldiers with nobody stopping them. They're invading the United States, and it looks like they're providing guard duty for people smuggling in undocumented workers or smuggling in drugs.

I think the United States needs to stop it. I mean, we're being invaded.

WIAN: Pike says the U.S. military may be needed on the border to stop incursions by Mexican soldiers.


WIAN: Meanwhile, Congressman Duncan Hunter and David Dreier of California are requesting a congressional investigation into Mexican military incursions. They say, "These incidents represent a threat to our national security and raise serious concerns about our border protection practices and our ability to provide for the safety of our Border Patrol agents" -- Lou.

DOBBS: Well, perhaps Duncan Hunter and others who's been advancing ideas on border security might consider this: how about a congressional investigation of this administration that refuses to enforce either immigration laws or border security, period?

WIAN: It's a heck of an idea. They haven't called for it yet. Not sure we're going see that -- Lou.

DOBBS: Thank you very much.

Casey Wian reporting from Los Angeles.

Also tonight, Republican Party leaders are showing their true colors on the issue of border security. Republican National Committee members had a key opportunity today to challenge the Bush administration on its illegal alien guest worker amnesty initiative. But the RNC didn't even put up a fight.


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