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The Shreveport Times March 21, 2003

Internet offers different way to keep track of war

By John Andrew Prime

For armchair strategists or sofa-bound activists for or against U.S. military involvement in Iraq, there are a number of sites on the Web that offer good starting points for some serious surfing. Following is a selection.

www.GlobalSecurity.org: offers numerous links to sites that run the gamut of intelligence, from hardware and tactics, to history and the politics of the region. If you want to see where people like Dale Brown and Tom Clancy get some of the juicy details that spice up their works, this is a place to go.

www.defenselink.mil: the portal through which you can join the U.S. military without getting a skinhead recruit haircut and having a muscled drill instructor shouting in your face. Go to just about any branch of the service and find links to weapons systems, leaders, units and news of the day. Some links limit or restrict certain sites to visitors from government or military domains.

Following are several Web pages geared toward the peace side of the issue, from both the right and the left, with varying degrees of activism.

www.internationalanswer.org: International ANSWER.

www.paxchristiusa.org: Pax Ch-risti USA.

winwithoutwarus.org: Win With-out War.

www.freerepublic.com: Free Re-public.

www.iraqpeaceteam.org: a compendium of sites aimed at stopping the war in Iraq.

www.vitw.org: Voices in the Wilderness, an "end the sanctions" site.

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