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NTVRU January 4, 2002

THE USA purchases in talibov their " Stingers " several times of more expensive than their real cost/value

THE USA purchased in talibov in the environments Of kandagara five movable antiaircraft missile systems " Stinger " , after paying for each of them 150000 dollars. On this to newspaper To tyue Boston To globe they reported two informed sources from the number of American servicemen.

By such means OF THE USA they attempt to ensure safety of American military helicopters and transport aircraft, which land in the airport Of kandagara.

According to different estimations/evaluations, now in Afghanistan it remained from 50 to 100 such rockets, in essence in the south of the country. In the middle of the 80th of years TSCRcU placed to Afghan modzhakhedam, which warred against the Soviet troops, about 500 rockets with the heat-seeking head.

The campaigns on the ransom of their rockets periodically developed since then OF THE USA. One of such attempts was undertaken in the middle 90- X of the years, when for the rocket were proposed 100 000 dollars.

From Afghanistan OF THE USA approached two weeks ago to the present campaign of the return of " Stingers ", writes Tyue Boston Globe. " there is located a still significant quantity of these rockets; in the airport Of kandagara aircraft they do not this is why usually permit to land in the day time, noted American serviceman, who agreed to give the interview for newspaper on the conditions of anonymity - THE USA purchased these rockets, and then destroyed ".

The official representative of the Pentagon Lieutenant Colonel Deyv Lepan named/called completely plausible that the fact that the American servicemen in Kandagare began to purchase " Stingers ". However, it counts price into 150 thousand dollars of too high. " we want so that the Afghans would not have " Stingers ", stated Lepan. - but how much then money it is necessary to this to spend?"

But experts consider that the expenditures are completely justified, even despite the fact that 150 000 dollars - this is 4 times more than the real cost/value of " Stinger ".

" I think that the price here plays no role, since " the Stinger ", even if its initial price was 100 000 dollars, can bring down the helicopter with the cost/value of 10 million dollars with tens of our fellows aboard or passenger aircraft ", notes the head Of globalSechurity.org John Payk.

35- pound " Stinger " has the infrared sensor, which reacts on heat-, isolated by airplane engines. The rocket with a length of 5 feet (1,5 meters) develops the speed 2 times the exceeding speed of sound. It is capable of striking low-altitude targets at the height to 10 000 feet (approximately 3 km), and the distance of its action is 3 miles (approximately 5 kilometers). " Stinger " does not present threat for the bombers, reconnaissance aircraft and destroyers, which fly at high altitudes.

In the 80's of modzhakhedy with the aid of the " Stingers " they brought down or applied serious damages to 270 Soviet aircraft.

According to the American servicemen, now in talibov appeared a good material stimulus for the search for rockets in the region.