Georgian territories bombed by Russian jets

August 12, 2008

(43) 09:30 - 10:55 Russian air forces bombarded Central Square and Market in the city of Gori.

August 11, 2008

(42) 07:15 Senaki airport runway and Senaki military base were bombed by Russian jets.
(41) 06:10 Gori tank battalion is bombed. A civilian apartment building nearby has been hit.
(40) 05:00 Shiraki airfield in Dedoplistskaro District on the east of the country is bombed by Russian jets.
(39) 04:37 Civilian radar station in the village of Leninisi in 5 kilometers from downtown Tbilisi was partially destroyed by Russian jet.
(38) 04:30 The Central Command Center of Georgian Air Forces was bombed.
(37) 03:26 Russian jets bombed Kodori Gorge (Upper Abkhazia).
(36) 03:12 Territory adjustment to military base in Khelvachauri (near Georgian-Turkish border) was bombed.
(35) 03:05 Villages of Sharabidzeebi, Kapandichi and Makho near Batumi (Georgian-Turkish border) were bombed by Russian planes. Graveyard and villagers' backyard have been hit. No casualties reported.
(34) 00:31 Russian jets bombed Kodori Gorge (Upper Abkhazia).
(33) 00:30 Civilian radar station in the village of Shavshvebi west of Gori is bombed by Russian planes.

August 10, 2008

(32) 20:25 Two jets bombed Kodori Gorge (Upper Abkhazia).
(31) 19:35 Two jets bombed Senaki (West Georgia).
(30) 19:10 "Tbilaviamsheni" aviation factory was bombarded by Russian aviation again.
(29) 19:05 Russian aviation dropped bomb on Tbilisi Civil Airport.
(28) 16:10 Russian aviation bombarded only remaining bridge on the Highway linking eastern and western parts of the country. There was a fire on the bridge. Fire is extinguished. The traffic is restored.
(27) 16:05 Gori is being bombed by Russian aviation.
(26) 15:10 Russian troops and Abkhaz separatists launch ground attack on Upper Abkhazia. The region is being bombed by Russian aviation
(25) 15:00 Russian aircrafts bomb the village of Knolevi in the northern Kareli district.
(24) 11:15 The village of Shavshvebi between Gori and Kareli have been bombed by Russian aviation.
(23) 08:45 Ten Russian jets attack Upper Abkhazia. One jet has been downed by Georgian Government troops.
(22) 07:40 Russian jets bomb village of Urta in Zugdidi district.
(21) 05:45 Russian jet entered Georgian airspace from Dagestan and dropped 3 Bombs on Tbilisi airplane factory.

August 9, 2008

(20) 22:30 Russian air forces bombarded Chkhalta, administrative center of Upper Abkhazia. No Casualties reported.
(19) 16:35 Oni was bombarded by Russian aviation
(18) 14:00 Russian air force attack Upper Abkhazia (Kodori gorge) in several places, including the airdrome in the village of Omarishara
(17) 12:40 Kopitnari airdrome is bombed again
(16) 10:22 Russian air force continues to bomb Gori, located 60 kilometers northwest from Tbilisi and is outside the conflict zone.
(15) 10:00 Russian air force bomb Kopitnari airdrome in several kilometers from Kutaisi.
(14) 01:20 Gatchiani in the Gardabani districts was bombarded, which is 20 kilometers southeast of Tbilisi and outside the conflict zone and is also close to the BTC pipeline, but the pipeline is not damaged.
(13) 01:00 Poti was bombarded a second time, which is located on the Black Sea coast, 260 kilometers west from Tbilisi, is outside the conflict zone and is a pure civilian target.
(12) 00:20 Vaziani airfield is bombed again, which is 2-3 kilometers from Tbilisi International Airport and is located outside the conflict zone. Two air bombs didn't explode.
(11) 00:17 Lightening bombs are dropped on Senaki military base, which is 213 kilometers west of Tbilisi and is outside the conflict zone. 1 serviceman and 5 reservists were reported killed. The railway station in Senaki is also bombed and eight are killed.
(10) 00:12 Poti port, which is located on the Black Sea coast, 260 kilometers west from Tbilisi, is outside the conflict zone and is a pure civilian target, is bombed heavily. One hydrographic vessel has been sunk.

August 8, 2008

(9) 18:45 Georgian Gori artillery brigade is bombarded by 5 Russian airplanes.
(8) 17:35 Marneuli military airbase, 20 kilometers south of Tbilisi and outside the conflict zone, is bombed for the third time resulting in 1 death and 4 injured. As a result of three bombings, three grounded AN-2 type planes and military vehicles stationed there are destroyed.
(7) 17:00 Marneuli military airbase is bombed for the second time causing casualties.
(5)(6) 16.30 Russian aviation bombs Marneuli and Bolnisi military airbases, 20 kilometers and 35 kilometers south of Tbilisi respectively. Two aircrafts were destroyed on ground. Also several buildings were destroyed and there are casualties.
(4) 15:05 Russian military plane enters Georgia from the direction of Tedzami, just south of Gori, and drop two bombs on the Vaziani military airport and turned back.
(3) 10:57 Two of the six Russian aircraft drop three bombs in Gori. One of these fell near the stadium, the second near Gorijvari slope and third near a artillery brigade.
(2) 10:30 Russian Su-24 bombs the village of Variani in the Kareli district, 75 kilometers west of Tbilisi and outside the conflict zone. Seven civilians were injured as a result.
(1) 09:45 A Russian military fighter plane drops about 3-5 bombs near the village of Shavshvebi, on the highway between Poti and Tbilisi and is 300-500 meters from Georgian military radar.


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