Abu Ghurayb Presidential Site

Imagery of the Abu Ghurayb Presidential Site
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Saddam's Presidential Palaces in Iraq
(source: CIA)

CIA Map of Iraq showing the location of Tharthar

Tactical Pilotage Chart of the Baghdad area

NIMA CIB imagery of the Baghdad area centered on the Abu ghurayb Palace.

NIMA Baghdad Reference Map - Baghdad Airport Area

NIMA map of Abu Ghurayb Presidential site.

Overview of the Abu Ghurayb Presidential Palace site. The site is now occupied by US forces and is known as Cobra Base and headquarters of the Coalition Joint Task Force-7 [CJTF-7].

Close-up of the Abu Ghurayb North Palace as of 11 November 2002.

Close-up of the Abu Ghurayb Presidential Grounds as of 11 November 2002.

Pre-war construction at the Abu Ghurayb Presidential Palace was ongoing until the eve of war.

Overview of Presidential Palace site.
Image source: Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Assessment of the British Government" September 24, 2002

Radwaniyah Presidential Site
Image source: DoD Briefing on Iraqi Denial and Deception Oct. 8, 2002

" ... the Radwaniyah presidential palace ... It's located south of Baghdad. This facility is about 18 square kilometers inside. The rough boundaries of the site are marked in red, and we have superimposed in approximate scale the size of the White House and the White House grounds over this site. And you can make a visual comparison as to its rather enormous size."

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