Asian Tsunami Imagery
Tarangambadi, Tamil Nadu
Latitude 11.03 Longitude 79.85

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The Dansborg fort was built by Ore Gedde, the commander of the Royal Dutch Navy, in the 17th century. The fort constructed in 1620 with two storeys was the most important building which housed the top echelons of the Danish officials. Apart from the ramparts, the rest of the buildings are in good condition. Efforts are on to restore all the monuments to their old glory and plans are afoot to develop Tarangambadi into a modern tourist center. The historic Fort Dansborg at Tarangambadi, a relic of the Danish era in India, is back in the limelight with the initial phase of restoration work nearing completion. Constructed nearly four centuries ago, the monument which served as the residence of Danish Governors for 150 years, has been in ruins, because of age, weathering and apathy on the part of the administration.

In the images, red depicts vegetation, white depicts clouds and shades of blue indicate types of water.

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