Turkish Air Bases

Military Air Bases

Airport name Town Use ICAO IATA Lat Long Elev Length Type IFR
Akhisar AB Akhisar mil LTBT 3858'N 2750'E 93 m 9800 ft Paved Yes
Balikesir AB Balikesir TAF LTBF BZI 3937'N 2756'E 102 m 9800 ft Paved Yes
Bandirma AB Bandirma TAF LTBG BDM 4019'N 2759'E 49 m 9900 ft Paved No
Batman AB Batman mil LTCJ BAL 3755'N 4108'E 540 m 10000 ft Paved Yes
Cigli AB Izmir TAF LTBL IGL 3830'N 2701'E 5 m 9800 ft Paved Yes
Diyarbakir AB Diyarbakir TAF LTCC DIY 3754'N 4012'E 677 m 11600 ft Paved Yes
Erhac AB Malatya TAF LTAT MLX 3826'N 3806'E 849 m 10900 ft Paved Yes
Erkilet AB Kayseri TAF LTAU ASR 3847'N 3530'E 1054 m 11100 ft Paved Yes
Eskisehir AB Eskisehir TAF LTBI ESK 3947'N 3035'E 785 m 10000 ft Paved Yes
Etimesgut AB Ankara TAF LTAD ANK 3957'N 3241'E 806 m 7200 ft Paved Yes
Gaziemir AB Izmir Army LTBK 3819'N 2710'E 41 m 4400 ft Paved Yes
Guvercinlik AB Ankara Army LTAB 3956'N 3245'E 819 m 5000 ft Paved No
Incirlik AB Adana TAF KQDG ADC 3700'N 3526'E 73 m 10000 ft Paved Yes
Kaklic AB Izmir TAF LTFA 3831'N 2701'E 5 m 10700 ft Paved No
Konya AB Konya TAF LTAN KYA 3759'N 3234'E 1006 m 10900 ft Paved Yes
Kutahya AB Kutahya mil LTBN 3915'N 3000'E 921 m 4900 ft Paved No
Merzifon AB Amasya TAF LTAP MZH 4050'N 3521'E 535 m 9500 ft Paved Yes
Murted AB Akinci [Ankara] TAF LTAE 4005'N 3224'E 843 m 11000 ft Paved No
Samandira AB Istanbul Army LTBX 4100'N 2913'E 123 m 4500 ft Paved No
Sivrihisar AB Sivrihisar mil ? LTAV 3916'N 3112'E 96 m 11100 ft Paved Yes
Topel AB Izmit Navy LTBQ 4044'N 3005'E 50 m 9800 ft Paved No
Trabzon Trabzon mil ? LTCG TZX 4059'N 3947'E 30 m 8600 ft Paved Yes
Van Van Police LTCI VAN 3828'N 4320'E 1661 m 9000 ft Paved Yes

Civilian Airfields

Airport name Town Use ICAO IATA Lat Long Elev Length Type IFR
Adiyaman Adiyaman civil LTCP 8300 ft Paved Yes
Adnan Menderes Izmir dual LTBJ ADB 3809'N 2705'E 120 m 10600 ft Paved Yes
Afyon AB Afyon civil LTAH AFY 3827'N 3019'E 1034 m 9800 ft Paved Yes
Agri Agri civil LTCO AJI 6500 ft Paved Yes
Anadolu Eskisehir civil LTBY 8300 ft Paved Yes
Antalya Antalya civil LTAI AYT 3625'N 3026'E 57 m 11100 ft Paved Yes
Ataturk/Yesilkov Intl Istanbul dual LTBA IST 4034'N 2829'E 37 m 9800 ft Paved Yes
Bodrum Milas civil LTFE BJV 9800 ft Paved Yes
Bursa Bursa civil LTBE BTZ 4006'N 2902'E 100 m 4500 ft Paved Yes
Canakkale AB Canakkale civil LTBH CKZ 4004'N 2614'E 3 m 5900 ft Paved Yes
Cardak AB Denizli civil LTAY DNZ 3728'N 2925'E 849 m 9800 ft Paved Yes
Carsamba Samsun civil LTFH 9800 ft Paved Yes
Cildir Aydin civil LTBD 3730'N 2730'E 57 m 4700 ft Paved No
Corlu AB Tekirdag civil LTBU 4104'N 2733'E 173 m 9800 ft Paved Yes
Dalaman Mugla civil LTBS DLM 3625'N 2828'E 2 m 9800 ft Paved Yes
Edremit Korfez Balikesir civil LTFD EDO 6800 ft Paved Yes
Elazig Elazig civil LTCA EZS 3821'N 3910'E 882 m 5600 ft Paved Yes
Erdemir Eregli civil LTAX 3300 ft Paved No
Erzincan Erzincan dual LTCD ERC 3926'N 3918'E 1215 m 9800 ft Paved Yes
Erzurum Erzurum civil LTCE ERZ 3933'N 4109'E 1758 m 12500 ft Paved Yes
Esenboga Ankara civil LTAC ESB 4004'N 3235'E 949 m 12300 ft Paved Yes
Hezarfen [Herzarfen] Istanbul civil LTBW 2200 ft Paved No
Kahramanmaras Kahramanmaras civil LTCN KCM 7500 ft Paved Yes
Kapadokya / Tuzkoy Nevsehir civil LTAZ NAV 9800 ft Paved Yes
Kars Kars civil LTCF KSY 4021'N 4303'E 1775 m 11400 ft Paved Yes
Mus AB Mus civil LTCK MSR 3827'N 4124'E 1266 m 11600 ft Paved Yes
Oguzeli Gaziantep civil LTAJ GZT 3703'N 3713'E 855 m 9100 ft Paved Yes
Sanliurfa Sanliurfa civil LTCH SFQ 3704'N 3827'E 547 m 7100 ft Paved Yes
Selcuk-Efes Izmir civil LTFB 5700 ft Paved No
Siirt Siirt civil LTCL SXZ 5400 ft Paved Yes
Sinop AAF Sinop civil LTCM SIC 5400 ft Paved Yes
Sivas Sivas civil LTAR VAS 3927'N 3700'E 1271 m 12500 ft Paved Yes
Skirpasa Adana civil LTAF ADA 3635'N 3510'E 20 m 9000 ft Paved Yes
Suleyman Demirel Isparta civil LTFC ISE 9800 ft Paved Yes
Tokat Tokat civil LTAW TJK 5200 ft Paved Yes
Usak Usak civil LTBO 3824'N 2915'E 919 m 8300 ft Paved Yes
Uzunyazi Kastamonu civil LTAL KFS 4113'N 3327'E 799 m 3200 ft Paved No
Yalova AB [Asagisoloz] Yalova dual LTBP TYA 4500 ft Paved Yes
Yenisehir AB Bursa civil LTBR 9800 ft Paved Yes


Airport name Town Use ICAO IATA Lat Long Elev Length Type IFR
Agri Agri ?? LTCB 3925'N 4301'E 1632 m __
Iskenderun Iskenderun ?? LTAK 3621'N 3606'E 3 m __
Isparta Isparta ?? LTBM 3727'N 3019'E 997 m __
Kayseri Kayseri ?? LTAM 3825'N 3518'E 1043 m __
Milas Bodrum ?? LTFE BJV 3709'N 2724'E 6 m __
Samsun Samsun ?? LTAQ SSX 4109'N 3610'E 168 m __
Zonguldak Zonguldak ?? LTAS 4116'N 3128'E 136 m __
Alasehir Alasehir navaid LTBC __
Ankara City Ankara City navaid LTAA __
Efes Izmir navaid LTFB __
Imsik Bodrum navaid LTBV __
Istanbul Istanbul Fir/Acc/Fic navaid LTBB __
Kaklic Izmir navaid LTFA __
Manisa Manisa navaid LTBZ __
Ordu Ordu navaid QOR __
Rize Rize navaid QRI __
Sabiha Gokcen Istanbul navaid SAW __

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