Exercises - Africa Command

U.S. Africa CommandU.S. Africa Command forces serve as trainers and examples of military professionalism and U.S. core national values during the command’s joint exercises. The exercises they conduct encourage the development of partner security capabilities and the instilling of professional ethos among African military elements.

A long-term goal of U.S. Africa Command is to leverage existing bilateral and regional exercises in support of regional and continental security goals shared by the United States, the African Union, African nations and regional organizations.

NAMETypeCost $MFrequencyDate/PeriodHost/Location
Africa EndeavorCOMMEXAnnualSummer West Africa
African Lion CPX / FTX AnnualSpringMorroco
Atlas Accord FTX AnnualSpring Various
Atlas Drop FTX AnnualSpring Various
Cutlass ExpressFTX Annual Fall East Africa Littorals
Eastern AccordFTX Annual Summer Various
Epic GuardianFTX
Judicious ResponseFTX
Jukebox LotusFTX
Juniper MicronFTX
Juniper NimbusFTX
Juniper ShieldFTX
Justified Accord FTX / Table-TopAnnual Kenya / East Africa
Med Accord Central MEDEX Annual Spring Central Africa
Majestic EagleFTX
Med Accord Central MEDEX Annual Spring Central Africa
Med Accord South MEDEX ? Summer Botswana (2012)
MEDFLAG MEDEX Annual Summer Various
MEDLITE MEDEX Annual Summer Various
MEDREACH MEDEX ? Spring Malawi (2011)
Natural FireFTX Biennial Fall East Africa
Nectar BendFTX
Noble PiperFTX
Obangame ExpressFTX Annual Spring Gulf of Guinea
Objective VoiceFTX
Observant CompassFTX
Octave FusionFTX
Octave Shield/New NormalFTX
Phoenix ExpressFTX Annual Spring / Summer North Africa Littorals (Mediterranean)
Saharan Express FTX Annual Summer North Africa Littorals (Atlantic)
Shared AccordFTX Annual Summer Southern Africa
Silent WarriorFTX
Southern AccordFTX Annual Summer Southern Africa
Southern WarriorFTX Annual Summer / Autumn Southern Africa
Western AccordFTX Annual Summer West Africa

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