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Beeville, TX

Beeville, with a population of 13,129 (2000 census), is the seat of Bee County, TX. It is located at the intersection of US Hwy 181 and State Hwy 59 on Poesta Creek, approximately 50 miles northwest of Corpus Christi and 90 miles southeast of San Antonio. In December of 2001, Space Imaging's Ann Arbor office, in conducting a land-use survey for USGS under the National Land Clover Data program, discovered this unusual use of one area of Beeville's 6.1 square miles of land. Apparently, one Beevillian used this portion of land to express his/her feelings for a member of Beeville's female population (6,942; 2000 census) named Donna. Even considering Beeville's relatively temperate climate (average temperatures range from 54 to 84 degrees Farhenheit) and low crime rates (there were no murders reported in 2001, and only 19 auto thefts), one might consider this a remarkably public and time-consuming display of affection.

Satellite Imagery
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USGS image of Beeville
Overview of message of romance, addressed to individual named "Donna," located in Beeville, TX agricultural area.
Detail of satellite image of message expressing affection for individual named "Donna." Although the image is dated December 17, 2001, intent of message is reflective of recent "Valentine" holiday celebrations.

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