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Mike German — Senior Fellow

Mike German is a recognized expert in terrorist group behavior, counter-terrorist operations, and right-wing extremism. He has appeared on Dateline NBC, Paula Zahn Now, CNN, and MSNBC and his commentary has been published in the National Law Journal and the Washington Post. Mike lectures frequently on counter-terrorism and intelligence matters, appearing most recently as a featured speaker at a symposium on the legal response to terrorism at the University of Virginia's John Bassett Moore Society of International Law.

Mike served for sixteen years as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and is one of the few agents credited with actually having prevented acts of terrorism before it became the FBI's number one priority.

In the early 1990s, Mike successfully infiltrated white supremacist groups in Los Angeles that were engaged in a bombing campaign against racial minorities and stockpiling weapons in preparation for a race war. In the late 1990's, after the Oklahoma City bombing, he again went undercover against right-wing militia groups that were conspiring to harm federal agents. Both cases disrupted multiple terrorist cells, leading to criminal convictions that prevented terrorist acts. Mike's undercover work gave him unique insights into the way terrorist groups organize, recruit and operate.

Mike has a Bachelor's degree in philosophy from Wake Forest University and a Juris Doctorate from Northwestern University School of Law. Mike's last assignment before leaving the FBI in June of 2004 was as a counter-terrorism instructor at the FBI National Academy.