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Company History

GlobalSecurity.org is the leading source of background information and developing news stories in the fields of defense, space, intelligence, WMD, and homeland security. Launched in 2000, GlobalSecurity.org is the most comprehensive and authoritative online destination for those in need of both reliable background information and breaking news. GlobalSecurity.org, is well-respected, trusted and often-referenced in the media, both domestically and internationally.

Along with its rapid growth in audience and traffic, GlobalSecurity.org has developed a reputation as a trusted source of military information. It is a frequently visited destination for other news organizations as they build their own coverage of developing events.

GlobalSecurity.org’s unique positioning enables it to reach both a targeted and large diversified audience. The content of the website is updated hourly, as events around the world develop, providing in-depth coverage of complicated issues. The breadth and depth of information on the site ensures a loyal repeat audience. This is supplemented by GlobalSecurity.org’s unique visibility in the mass media, which drives additional growth.


Average Monthly Page Views (in millions), 2000 – Present