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TSKB Almaz

The resolution of the Council of Ministers OF USSR of 8 September, 1947, 3140-1028, on the base of the number of scientific organizations formed design bureau as main enterprise for the development of controlling systems class of rocket weapon "air surface" and obtained designation "special bureau 1 Ministries of armament." The chief and chief designer it was assigned to P.N. Kuksenko. In accordance with stated requirements, the enterprise developed the systems "comet", K-10, K-20, K-22 -- class systems "surface-surface" P-15 "dragon". The first launch of the guided class missile "air-surface" in the was produced during April 1952 from the carrier aircraft of system "comet".

During the subsequent years new tasks in strengthening of the defense capability of the country were set. In 1950 the resolution of the government of the USSR on the bureau entrusted the task in the creation the first domestic air defense ["zenith"] rocket system S-25 for the air defense of Moscow and the Moscow industrial region. The direction on the creation of zenith rocket air defense systems subsequently determined the basic profile of the work of the enterprise, named since 1950 KBY, then subsequently MKB Strela ["arrow"], and then TSKB Almaz (Diamond).

The multichannel zenith rocket system S-25, which did not have analogs in the world practice, was created and put into use in the period 1950-1955. The development of this system and subsequent developments of zenith rocket systems S-75, S-125, S-200 for the National Air Defense Forces was headed by design project leader, academician A.A. Raspletin. Under his management was begun the development of the standardized multichannel zenith rocket system of a new generation, the S 300P. The development of this system and a number of its modifications was realized under the management of the successor of Raspletin, the design project leader, academician B.V. Bunkin.

In the different years on the base TSKB Almaz were formed by Central Scientific Research Institute TsNII Kometa ["comet"], NPO Vympel ["message"], Machine-building Design Bureau MKB Fakel ["torch"] (head developer of rockets for the zenith rocket air defense systems, design project leader, academician A.D. Grushin). Development of the class of systems "air-surface" and "surface- surface" were headed by chief designer A.I. Savin.

The first domestic systems of the space defense of the country were created under the management of A.A. Raspletin and A.I. Savin. All zenith rocket systems, which equipped the National Air Defense Forces, were developed TSKB Almaz. Systems reated by TSKB Almaz include zenith rocket air defense systems delivered and are exploited in tens of countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, South America. At present TSKB Almaz accomplishes work on the creation of new systems, including for the deliveries for the export, and also the work on the improvement of tactical-technical characteristics, the prolongation of the periods of the operation of systems, which are found in arsenal.

In the beginning of 1995 the state enterprise OF NPO Almaz was converted into the open joint-stock company OF TSKB Almaz. This made it possible to conduct independent economic policy and control of property with the retention/maintaining of the state control, necessary for the enterprise, which carries out the most important state orders.

Work on the contracts with the foreign customers, and also effective use of the free compartments (of about 15%), which were placed the banks, made it possible to draw significant financial means, which supported enterprise at the complex moment/torque and it helped to ensure the necessary level of scientific developments and production specials-technician. Today TSKB Almaz with the confidence looks in the future.

In late 2001 Victor Ivanov, deputy head of the president of the Russian Federation administration, was elected the Chairman of the research-and-production association (RPA) "Almaz" board of directors. Earlier, V.Ivanov was elected the chairman of the concern " Antey " board of directors. The concern "Antey" and RPA "Almaz" are the largest Russian developers and manufacturers of antiaircraft defense systems. It was supposed that the concern "Antey " and "Almaz" will be a part of the newly created "Concern PVO (air defense)".

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