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Pulsed Energy Projectile (PEP)

The object of the Pulsed Energy Projectile (PEP) program is to develop and demonstrate the technology necessary to produce a crew served, counter personnel non-lethal directed energy weapon providing controllable bio-effects to deter, disable, and distract individuals. The device directs an invisible induced plasma pulse at a target that will create a flash-bang near the intended target

This counterpersonnel capability projects a beam that creates a plasma pulse at the target. When the plasma pulse strikes an individual, it results in a flash-bang effect that startles and distracts, and it also has a kinetic effect on the individual's nerve sensors. US government budgets show that it received $3,173,000 in research funding. It vaporises the first thing it hits. This creates a plasma that heats the surrounding air so fast that, basically, the air explodes. The resulting shock wave will knock you to the floor. The PEP is now in the late stages of development and, judging from JNLWD documents, should hit the streets by 2006. The current plan is to mount the laser on a truck, plane or helicopter, fire it from a safe distance, and stop rioters, snipers or soldiers without risking harm to military personnel. The good news is that it works. The bad news is that, right now, it weighs 500 pounds.

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