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ATK - Alliant Techsystems

ATK - Alliant Techsystems - is a $2.1 billion aerospace and defense company with leading positions in propulsion, composite structures, munitions, and precision capabilities. The company employs approximately 11,300 people and has three business groups: Aerospace, Precision Systems, and Ammunition.

In 1990, ATK became an independent company when Honeywell spun off its former Defense and Marine Systems businesses, which had supplied defense products to the U.S. and its allies for 50 years. With the acquisition of Hercules Aerospace Company in 1995, ATK leveraged its strengths in propellants and warheads and added new capabilities in the design and manufacture of solid propulsion rocket motors and composite structures. In 2001, the company strengthened its presence in propulsion and composite structures with the acquisition of Thiokol Propulsion from Alcoa, Inc., and further expanded its position in munitions with the acquisition of the ammunition businesses of Blount International, Inc. In 2002, ATK acquired the Ordnance Group of The Boeing Company, a leading producer of medium-caliber gun systems for ground, sea, and air platforms.

The Aerospace Business Group is a leader in the design, development, and production of solid propulsion systems for commercial and government space launch vehicles, strategic missiles, and missile defense interceptors, and high-performance composite structures for space launch vehicles, military and commercial aircraft, satellites, and spacecraft. Provider of operations and technical support services for space launches, it has approximately 4,440 employees. The Precision Systems Business Group is a designer, developer, and manufacturer of gun-launched precision-guided munitions, fuzes and proximity sensors, electronic warfare systems, soldier systems, tactical barrier systems, tactical missile rocket motors and warheads, propulsion for missile defense systems, composite structures for aircraft and weapons systems, medium-caliber and tank ammunition, medium-caliber gun systems, and high-performance batteries. The Ammunition Business Group is a leading supplier of small-caliber military ammunition, ammunition propellant, commercial and military smokeless powder, law enforcement and sporting ammunition, and ammunition related products, and an operator of two U.S. Army manufacturing plants.

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