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Commercial IKONOS satellite imagery of  Afghanistan. Commercial IKONOS satellite imagery of Afghanistan.
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  • The National Journal GlobalSecurity.org ranked among the five "Best of the Top Sites" among Defense Web Sites.
TODAY AWARD"The respected defense consultant GlobalSecurity.org serves up an online compendium of info about the war on terrorism."
  • Afghanistan - Background
    Afghanistan - Maps
    Afghanistan - Weather
    Somalia - Background
    Somalia - Maps
    Somalia - Weather
    Operation Enduring Freedom
    Operation Enduring Freedom - Weapons
    Operation Enduring Freedom - Order of Battle
    Operation Enduring Freedom - Deployments
    Operation Enduring Freedom - Operations
    Operation Enduring Freedom - Maps
    Operation Enduring Freedom - Imagery
    Operation Infinite Justice
    Operation Noble Eagle
    Operation Active Endeavour
    Exercise Balikatan 2002
    Exercise Edged Mallet 2002
    Georgia Train and Equip Program
    Reserve & National Guard Mobilization
    Special Operations Aviation
    Special Operations Forces
    CENTCOM Facilities
    Where are the Carriers?

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