Si vis pacem, para bellum
you may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you


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  • Not the Donald, But the Don - Indicting a Career Racketeer by Jonathan M. Winer - Chris Christie recently described Trump and his associates at Mar-a-Largo as "acting like the Corleones with no experience". The Georgia indictment represents perhaps the most serious threat to him personally and financially. All of which takes us back to the white collar crime wave unleashed across the nation by Trump in his role as "the Don". Donald Trump and his associates may masquerade as a political movement, a political party, or even a business. But whatever the immediate activity, they are fundamentally gangsters, closer in spirit and practice to the Mafia families of New York, the Columbian cartels and Japanese Yakuzas....

  • Prigozhin's African Empire Offers an Alternative to Kremlin Largesse by Micah Levinson -- The 2011 NATO-led military intervention that toppled Muammar al-Qaddafi enflamed Islamist insurgencies across Western Africa as jihadist groups obtained much of the Libyan military's ordnance. These insurgencies particularly threatened Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger. France launched Operation Barkhane in 2014 to help West African countries...

  • The Mind Must Have a Firewall By Grant Ferowich -- A paper written by Timothy L. Thomas for "The US Army War College Quarterly: Parameters" in 1998 introduces the chemical-electrical activity in the brain, heart and nervous system as the human body's "data processors." Thomas concludes in no uncertain terms, "We are on the threshold...

  • Where Is Henry Kissinger Getting His Numbers On The Petrodollar Agreement? By Grant Ferowich -- What does the term petrodollar mean? What is meant by petrodollar recycling? In short, the petrodollar is not a specific thing, per se. Instead, the petrodollar is a concept which arose from a particular agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia. First, start by...

  • Israel's "Useless Class" Revolts Against the Supreme Court By Micah Levinson -- Yuval Noah Harari, the Israeli high-tech sector's court philosopher, rationalizes gutting welfare states in post-industrial economies. He claims Industrial Era governments "invested heavily in the health, education and welfare of the masses because they needed millions of healthy labourers to work in the factories." However,...

Rohingya Genocide
Rohingya Genocide
Uighur Genocide
World Wide Elections
World Wide Elections

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