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667BDRM Dolphin DELTA IV


Soviet Designation 667BDRM Dolphin
US-Designation Delta IV
Development began September 1975
Design Bureau Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering "Rubin"
Chief designer S.H. Kovalev
Builders Nr. 402 Severodvinsk
Construction and Outfit February 1981-1992
Service time December 1985-
Number of ships 7
Armament D-9 RM launch system with
16 R-29 RM missiles
4-533mm torpedo tubes
Power Plant 2 pressurized water reactors, 90 MW each
2 steam turbines, 20.000 hp each
Propellers 2 7 blade fixed-pitch
Length 167 meters
Beam 12 meters
Draft 8.8 meters
Displacement 11,740 tons Surfaced
18,200 tons Submerged
Operational depth 320 meters (design)
400 meters (maximum depth)
Speed 13-14 knots Surface
22-24 knots Submerged
Crew 130 men
Endurance 80 days