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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Navy Strategic Forces Command (ASFC)

In President Pervez Musharraf's interview with the Sunday Telegraph on 24 June 2004, he stated that "As far as our nuclear programme is concerned, we have put the best possible custodial measures protecting our installations. We have a National Command Authority, the highest body controlling our strategic assets, then there is a very well organised strategic planning division, headed by a very capable lieutenant-general who is looking after all our strategic assets. As far as those assets are concerned, they are under very strong controls of the armed forces of Pakistan. Here we have created an Army Air Force Navy strategic forces command, commanding all these assets. So I think we are very well organised."

In 2006 the government set up separate commands in its three services equipped with nuclear weapons and missiles capable of retaliating for any first nuclear strike. The Armed Strategic Force consists of special commands in the army, air force and navy that store nuclear weapons and nuclear-capable missiles in semi-knocked-down condition in peace time for assembly and deployment during periods of high tension.

As of late 2006 the Pakistani nuclear command and control organization consisted of three branches: (1) the National Command Authority (NCA), consisting of the country's ten highest decision makers; (2) the Strategic Plans Division (SPD), which is the secretariat to the NCA and is in charge of developing and managing Pakistan's nuclear capability in all dimensions; and (3) the Strategic Forces Command (SFC) for each branch of the military, which is responsible for planning and control as well as operational directives for nuclear weapons deployment and use.

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