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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Tilla Jogian
Malute [Malot]
Jhelum [Jehlum]
Tulla [Tullah]

On 06 April 1998 Pakistan conducted the first flight test of the Ghauri-I [Hatf-V] missile, which has a maximum range of 1,500 kilometers with a payload of 700 kilograms. The missile was reportedly launched from Malute, near the city of Jhelum in north-eastern Pakistan and impacted the target near the southwestern city of Quetta. The trajectory of the first Ghauri missile test was from Tilla Jogian, near Jehlum, to Taftan in Balochistan, a distance of close to 1100 kilometers. The missile climbed to a height of 350 kilometres, before it hit the planned target after a flight of 8 minutes. Qadeer Khan has said that Ghauri was originally to be launched from Kahuta but then it was decided to change the location to Tilla Jogian. The launch project was completed in prefabricated sheds, since proper concrete sheds would have taken a longer time.

The Ghauri-II missile was launched on 14 April 1999 from the same site near Dina at Tilla Jogian, Jhelum, in northern Punjab province, about 100 kilometers southeast of Islamabad. The missile hit the target at North Jawani, southwestern Balochistan province bordering Iran after eight minutes' flight. The Ghauri-II ballistic missile has a range of 1,380 kilometers and is capable of carrying either a conventional warhead or a nuclear one of 500 to 600 kilograms with a maximum range of 2,300 kilometers. Ghauri-II can be launched on highly mobile launcher.

Photographic Evaluation Report

High resolution imagery is available from two sources, including declassified CORONA imagery. As of 04 June 2000 Russian 2-meter resolution KVR-1000 imagery coverage was not available via the SPIN-2 service on TerraServer. As of 04 June 2000 archival Space Imaging IKONOS 1-meter imagery available on the CARTERRAT Archive included three cloud-free scenes acquired on 19 February 2000. Given the uncertainty of the exact location of the area of interest, it is not possible to conclusively establish which scene, if any, includes the missile test area. There are no large facilities evident in these browse images.

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