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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Zelzal-2 / Mushak-200

The number of names and naming systems attributed to Iranian missile programs has been often found to be far larger than the number of actual missile programs. One case in point could be the 200 km range Mushak-200, which was reported to be in development, that could have been the Zelzal-2. The Zelzal-2 missile system was made available for sale by Iran in 1996. It had a length of 8.46 m and a diameter of 0.61 m, with a launch weight of 3,545 kg. It carried its 600 kg warhead to a maximum range of 200 km (124 miles).

The Zelzal-2 was apparently a locally produced version of the Luna-M (NATO name FROG-7) missile with a launcher based on the MB LA-911 truck chassis. The 8.3 meter-long rocket had a range that was variously estimated at between 100 km to 400 km, though 200 km was the most widely quoted estimate and 100 km was the most likely estimate based on the performance of the Soviet missile. The Zelzal-2 was armed with a 600 kg high-explosive warhead, and some suggested that it might have been able to carry chemical and biological payloads.

It was possible that Zelzal-2 missiles were used against Iraqi terrorist training camps in 2001, and the Fateh-110 A was believed to be a guided variant.

In October 2002 it was reported that Iranian Zelzal-2 short-range ballistic missiles had been delivered to Iranian Revolutionary Guard units in the Beka'a Valley in Lebanon. Israelis sources frequently claimed that long-range rockets had been transferred to Lebanon, including 240mm versions of the standard 122mm 'Katyusha' rocket, and Iranian Fajr-3 and Fajr-5 rockets. Hizbullah typically refuses to confirm or deny such reports. However, in late October 2002 Sheikh Mohammed Yazbek, a senior Hizbullah official, hinted at the group's reach, saying that "all sensitive areas of the Zionist entity were within the range of our fire... wherever they exist".

ZELZAL-1 (Mushak-120)

Range Kilometers 125 -130,
Diameter Meters 0.601
Height Meters 8.3
Stages   1
Launch Mass Kilograms 2,950
Warhead Mass Kilograms 600

Zelzal-1 tactical missile

ZELZAL-1A (Mushak-160)

Range Kilometers 160
Diameter Meters 0.601
Height Meters 8.3
Stages   1
Launch Mass Kilograms 2,950
Warhead Mass Kilograms 500

Zelzal-1A tactical missile

ZELZAL-2 ( Mushak-200)

Range Kilometers 300
Diameter Meters 0.61
Height Meters 8.3 - 8.46
Stages   1
Launch Mass Kilograms 3,450-3,545
Warhead Mass Kilograms 210-600

Zelzal-2 tactical missile

FATEH-110 (Mushak-120)

Range Kilometers 130 -170
Diameter Meters 0.450-0.610
Height Meters 8.9
Stages   1
Launch Mass Kilograms 2,450
Warhead Mass Kilograms 500-600

Fateh-110 tactical missile


Range Kilometers 200-210
Diameter Meters 0.610
Height Meters 8.9
Stages   1
Launch Mass Kilograms 3.550
Warhead Mass Kilograms 500

Fateh-110A tactical missile

NAZE’AT-6 (NP-110)

Range Kilometers 105
Diameter Meters 0.355
Height Meters 6.30
Stages   1
Launch Mass Kilograms 900-1,300
Warhead Mass Kilograms 85-90

Naze'at-6 tactical missile

NAZE’AT-10 (NP-110A)

Range Kilometers 140-150
Diameter Meters 0.450
Height Meters 8.30
Stages   1
Launch Mass Kilograms 1,850
Warhead Mass Kilograms 250

Naze'at-10 tactical missile


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