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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Unggi / Sonbong-gun

Unggi is reportedly the location of a uranium mine, though few other details have been disclosed in the open literature. In 1964 North Korea conducted an extensive countrywide uranium mining survey with assistance from China. The survey concluded as much as four million tons of commercial grade uranium ore was located in the northeast portion of the country near Unggi, Hamhung, and the Haegum-gang District, and in the south near P'yongsan [though this estimate was considered inflated by Joseph Bermudez].

North Korea apparently has only two major oil-fired thermal power plants connected to the national transmission grid. The larges is the 200 MW plant at Sonbong (also transliterated as "Oungi", "Oung gi" and "Unggi"), where many KEDO heavy fuel oil deliveries have been made. The French-built Ch'ngnyn Integrated Chemical Works in the Anju District north of P'yongyang is the first petrochemical complex designed to produce ethylene, polyethylene, acrylonitrite, and urea. The refinery at Unggi supplies the necessary crude petroleum.

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