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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Russian Ministry of Defence

Briefing the media on the newly revealed facts related to aircraft crash Malaysian Boeing-777

Russian Ministry of Defence

*** Machine-translated transcript ***

21.07.2014 (18:00)

Address by the Director-General of operational management, Deputy Chief of the General staff of the RUSSIAN ARMED FORCES Lieutenant-General Andrei Kartapolova:

Dear media representatives!

Ladies and gentlemen!

In connection with the July 17 crash of passenger plane Boeing-777» airline Malaysian Airlines, en route to international air circuit Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur, there are a lot of conflicting information. The Russian Ministry of defence therefore considered it necessary to make available to the General staff of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, data objective control.

The diagram shows the international route, which was supposed to fly Boeing 777. " Please note that the aircraft followed by the City Hall, and the further he strayed from the route to the North. The maximum distance from the left border of the corridor was 14 miles away.

In the future there is a maneuver on return of the Boeing 777 in the limits of the air corridor. Finish the same maneuver launched by Malaysian crew did not have time. With 17.20 fixed steady fall speed of the aircraft and the disappearance of the mark-17.23 aircraft with Russian radar screens. That was the reason for going outside the boundaries of the road-crew navigational error or execution of Ukrainian air traffic control manager at Dnepropetrovsk-can only be answered after deciphering the flight recorders, known as "black boxes," and dispatching services.

According to our data on the day of the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing 777 "Air Defense Group of the armed forces of Ukraine near the city of Donetsk had three-four anti-aircraft missile battalion complex" Buk-M1 ".

These complexes are able to hit targets at a range of up to 35 km and at altitudes up to 22 km. Why and to whom the Ukrainian security forces deployed a powerful grouping of air defence near Donetsk? After all, the militia have no known aircraft.

The diagram shows that the route of the flight, as well as the alleged location of Boeing fall within the coverage area of the Buk-M1 "of the armed forces of Ukraine.

We have space images of individual locations for anti-aircraft defence of the Ukrainian army in the southeast of the country.

The first three pictures are dated July 14, 2014:
Photo 1 shows the launchers Buk "in the area of 8 km north west of the City.
In the picture you can see the self-propelled fire installation and commissioning of two loading machines.
Photo 2-radar station near the city of Donetsk, 5 km to the North. The picture shows two radar stations, as well as various equipment and technical installations.
Photo 3-shows the position of the AIR DEFENSE equipment in the area north of Donetsk.
In the photo is clearly visible self-propelled fire setting with an angled Launcher, about 60 units of various military and special equipment, shelters for machinery and other technical installations.

And here is a shot of the same area taken on July 17.
Note that this launcher is missing.
In the picture 5 you can see that on the morning of the same day in the village of Zaroŝinskoe 50 km in the East of the city and 8 km south of Shahtersk detected battery "beech". The question is why the battery was in the area, near the territory controlled by the militias, and just before the tragedy?

The shooting occurred on July 18 in the same area (picture 6) showed that the battery has left occupied positions.

In addition, the 17 July as increased intensity of work of Ukrainian radar stations 9S18 "Dome-M1 anti-aircraft complex" Buk ".

On the slide, you see that the July 15 worked 7 stations, 16 July-8 July 17, and there were already 9. But with 18 July the intensity of the radar station has fallen dramatically and now is 2-3 per day. What is the reason for this has yet to be sorted out.

Separately, would demonstrate the air situation in Donetsk region on this day.

On the slide, you see the data from objective control 17.10-17.30 pm Moscow time.

During this period in the air carrying three civilian aircraft that perform regular flights:
The flight from Copenhagen to Singapore in 17:17;
A flight from Paris to Taipei in 17:24;
Flight of the Amterdama in Kuala Lumpur.

In addition, the Russian control of air situation fixed height set by Ukrainian air force Su-25 reportedly, towards Malaysian Boeing 777. " Removal of the Su-25 from Boeing-777» 3do was from 5 miles away.

Characteristics of the Su-25 is able to briefly reach heights in the 10000 m in its standard armament include air-to-air missile r-60, which is able to capture and defeat the purpose of up to 12 km and is at a distance of up to 5 km.

What is the purpose of combat aircraft flew on an air track aviation almost simultaneously and at the same flight level with passenger aircraft? I would like to answer this question.

Confirming the information provided serve as frames of work during this period, known as the zonal Center Unified air traffic management system. Their comment on the Chief of staff of the air force, Lieutenant General Makušev Igor Yurevich.

Comment by the Chief of the General staff of the RUSSIAN air force Lieutenant-General Igor Makuševa:

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Today, the federal air transport agency received materials of the objective control of the Rostov zonal Center Unified air traffic management system.

This video provides information about air traffic control situation in the city of Donetsk in the period from 5:19 pm to 5:25 pm (Moscow time) July 17, 2014 years.

In the upper left corner of the flag from the aircraft Boeing 772 flight on the route Copenhagen-SINGAPORE.

It is a mark of the aircraft, a Boeing 777, next on the route Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur.

Right-mark from aircraft Boeing-778, next to route NEW DELHI-BERMINGEJM.

All three aircraft are steadily three radar stations of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.

Boeing-777 was moving in the direction of the State border of the Russian Federation and must cross it at point "TONAK."

Manager in controlling the flight of the aircraft, it keeps asking for the flight specified.

In 5:20 pm at a distance of 51 km of the State border of the Russian Federation on 300 degrees azimuth plane suddenly started to lose speed, that is clearly visible in the display characteristics of the aircraft object.

When falling rates of up to 200 kilometers per hour in 5:0 pm 21 minutes 35 seconds at the site of Boeing, a new stamp on inside the facility.

The air is consistently object radar posts USTB-DONETSK and BUTURINSKOE within 4 minutes.

Manager, prompting renewed object characteristics, data on its parameters cannot acquire because most likely the secondary identification system for aircraft not equipped for military aircraft.

Before the discovery of the aircraft object was not possible, because control of the air situation is carried out by means of radar duty regime with the capacity to detect the distance of flight at an altitude of more than 5000 meters.

The discovery was made possible at a set height.

The further change of flight parameters object at the rate indicates that it is in the destruction of the Boeing-777 and oversees the development of the situation.

Ukrainian officials had earlier reported that the Ukrainian military aircraft on the line of the original incident was not. As you can see, this is not the case. Thank you.

Address by the Director-General of operational management, Deputy Chief of the General staff of the ARMED FORCES of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION Andrei Kartapolova:

Have a question to our American colleagues. According to the United States are the American satellite images confirming that launch in the direction of the Malaysian aircraft committed by militias. But no one had seen these pictures.

According to our calculations from 17.06 to 17.21 (Moscow time) on July 17 over South-Eastern territory of Ukraine really flew an American spacecraft ". This apparatus is an experimental space systems "STSS", designed to detect and track launches of missiles of various ranges. If the American side there are pictures from the satellite, would like to introduce them to the world community for detailed study.

Coincidence or not, but the time of the accident the Malaysian "Boeing 777" and the observation time American companion for Ukrainian territory is the same as?

In conclusion, I would like to note that our information is based on objective and reliable data of various Russian technical means, in contrast to the baseless allegations against us. An example of this is showing up in the media to move the Launcher "Buk-M1", allegedly carried on a trailer with Ukrainian on Russian territory. There was a clear manipulation of materials.

Pictures were made in the town of Krasnoarmeysk, as evidenced by the nearby with a banner, on which an address is a car dealership on the street 34 Dnepropetrovsk. The Krasnoarmeysk with 11 May is under the control of the Ukrainian army.

In this connection, we have a number of questions. What is Launcher? Where it transported? Where she is now? Why does it not charge full ammunition load RA em? When was the last time it was start?

In conclusion, I wish to stress that the Russian Federation had not passed the militia anti-aircraft missile system Buk-M4 ", as well as other types of weapons and military equipment.

The Russian Ministry of defence materials prepared today will be handed over to experts of the leading European countries and Malaysia. I hope that they will help in conducting an objective investigation into the July 17 tragedy in the skies over Donetsk.

The Defense Ministry will continue to inform about the newly discovered facts related to aircraft crash Malaysian Boeing 777. "

*** Machine-translated transcript ***

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