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Pakistan enjoys strong defense ties with China

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Islamabad. June 19, IRNA -- Pakistan enjoys strategic close relations with China and the defense ties between the two has often been regarded by the leaders of both countries as all weather and time tested.

Whether it was tanks and field guns, destroyers and frigates or the aviation industry, Chinese support has been invaluable and proved to be a source of strength and reliance for Pakistan.

China and Pakistan are situated in an area that has great geographical importance and hosts almost half of the world’s population.

The China-Pakistan relationship presents a model for friendly relations between two opposing ideological settings and markedly different economic systems during and after the Cold War at bipolar, multi-polar, and uni-polar world.

China–Pakistan relations began in 1950 when Pakistan was among the first countries to break relations with the Republic of China on Taiwan and recognise the People’s Republic of China. Since then, the two countries have regularly exchanged high-level visits resulting in a variety of agreements.

China has always stood by Pakistan in its hour of need, whether it was war or a natural calamity. Chinese support in Pakistan’s defence capability and indigenization endeavours have been based on solid foundations.

China is the only country that has provided transfer of technology, soft loans and even technical expertise with no strings attached.

On its part, Pakistan too, despite pressures from the West, has stood by China and maintained its relations despite pressures from the west to abandon it. After its independence, the new People’s Republic of China was cut off from the world, having diplomatic recognition only from a handful of nations.

Pakistan has always supported China on all issues of importance to the latter, especially those related to the question of China's sovereignty e.g.Taiwan, Xinjiang and Tibet and other sensitive issues such as human rights.

With the government of President Zardari under intense pressure from the United States, there are calls from notable politicians and defence analysts for Pakistan to adopt a foreign policy which considers China and not the US to be Pakistan's strongest ally and most significant stakeholder.

The China’s military relationship with Pakistan's military has often been regarded as time tested. This relationship between two Asian countries, which are joined with a common border, is important in the world's geo-strategic alliances.

The policy of having good relations between the armed forces was taken by the leaders to counter the balance of power in the Asia. In recent years this relationship has deepened even further by having defence agreements between Pakistan and China.

China has been a steady source of military equipment to the Pakistani Army and also has helped Pakistan to set-up mass weapons production factories and also has given technology assistance and modernized facilities.

In the last 20 years, the countries are involved in the joint venture of several projects to enhance military and weaponry systems, which includes JF- 17 Thunder fighter aircraft, K- 8 Karakoram advance training aircraft, space technology, AWACS, Al-Khalid tank, Babur cruise missile. The armies have a schedule for organising joint military exercises.

China has offered to Pakistan military aid in order to fight against the terrorist activities on their (Pakistan's) soil.

In the past, China played a major role in the development of Pakistan's nuclear infrastructure, especially when increasingly stringent export controls in Western Countries made it difficult for Pakistan to acquire materials and uranium enriching equipment from elsewhere.

China has supplied Pakistan with equipment to enrich its indigenous uranium to weapons grade. It has already built a nuclear power plant in the city of Chashma in Punjab province and work on the second plant is also underway at the same site.

Pakistan says that its civilian nuclear cooperation with China is under the safeguards of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

While bilateral military ties between Pakistan and China remain strong, the two countries are looking forward to expanding the parameters of their cooperation to address new security concerns that threaten not only the peace and security in the region but also pose a serious challenge to the national security interests of the two countries.


End News / IRNA / News Code 1184107

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