Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Biological Warfare (BW) Association of Abu Ghurayb "Infant Formula" Plant. Filename:0901pgv.91 [ (b)(2) ] 22 MAR 91 1615 SENT BY: [ (b)(6) ] POSITION PAPER Subject: Biological Warfare (BW) Association of Abu Ghurayb "Infant Formula" Plant. 1. Purpose: To provide the DIA position on the function of the Abu Ghurayb "Infant Formula" Plant. 2. Discussion: a. The Abu Ghurayb "Infant Formula" Plant has been carried by DIA as a suspect BW facility since April 1988 at which time fifteen other facilities were identified as possibly associated with the Iraqi offensive BW effort as well. As more information became available over the years, this list was reduced to four confirmed BW facilities (Salman Pak, Taji, Latifiyah, the "Clostridium Vaccine Plant at Abu Ghurayb) and the suspect BW production facility at Abu Ghurayb (the "Infant Formula" Plant). b. The plant was considered a suspect BW production plant due to: (i) the reported presence of high security, (ii) equipment suitable for BW agent production and processing, (iii) the fact that the plant reportedly never had been used to produce infant formula, and (iv) camouflaging of the plant. Security: The tight security (i.e. fence, four guard towers, and controlled access) [ (b)(1) sec 1.3(a)(4) ] was inconsistent with a commercial venture such as an infant formula plant. The security measures were later corroborated when the plant was finally located [ (b)(1) sec 1.3(a)(4) ]. A [ (b)(1) sec 1.3(a)(4) ] at the confirmed BW production facilities at Taji and the other plant at Abu Ghurayb. Equipment: [ (b)(1) sec 1.3(a)(4) ] the plant had the capacity to produce, process, and package BW agents based upon the presence of laboratories, five 27,000 liter processing tanks, drying equipment, packaging lines, and cold storage facilities. These are dual-use equipment items as were those at the confirmed BW facilities. Non-use: [ (b)(1) sec 1.3(a)(4) ] the plant was never used to produce infant formula despite the plant reportedly being a turnkey operation. Despite its non-use, the plant was reportedly maintained in perfect operating condition by teams of foreign nationals under strict security control. [ (b)(1) sec 1.3(a)(4) ] Camouflage: Finally, in December 1990, when war looked imminent, the Iraqis began to camouflage the plant. [ (b)(1) sec 1.3(a)(4) ] c. The overall assessment is that this plant was correctly identified as a suspect BW production facility with a back-up function. To this end, the Iraqis took good care of the plant, but never used it to produce infant formula or, for that matter, Bin agents. The clumsy attempt to place formula around a non-functional plant to stage a media event backfired, [ (b)(1) sec 1.3(a)(4) ] [ (b)(6) ]