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MP: Attack on Iran's consulate in Arbil reveals US imprudence

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Karaj, Jan 14, IRNA
MP from Karaj, Fatemeh Ajorlou, here Sunday condemned the recent attack on Iranian Consulate in the Iraqi city of Arbil, adding that the measure marks the imprudence of the White House leaders.

Ajorlou told IRNA that by taking such a measure, the American administrators, who claim to respect law and democracy in the world, have created another scandal.

"The wide turnout of the nation in the recent twin elections of Experts Assembly and local Islamic councils as well as the growing scientific advancement of Iranian youth made the US more perplexed, which made President George W. Bush to embark on such a move against international laws," she added.

She noted that on the other hand, the US attack on Iranian consulate in Arbil was an attempt to attribute its failure to others and deceive the public opinion.

"Today, the world public opinion is more than ever aware of the lies told by Bush and the US administration. Such moves proved the imprudence of the American officials," he added.

The MP said that the wrong plans of the White House in the Middle East account for the war, terrorism and insecurity in Iraq and Afghanistan, instead of the expected democracy.

"The US president should know that the continuation of the warmongering measures of him and his supporters will lead to further isolation of the US in the world," she concluded.


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