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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

From the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI)

This document is provided as a service by UNAMI. The material is drawn from non-UN sources and does not reflect the opinions of the United Nations, nor can the UN vouch for its accuracy

Wednesday, 9 March 2005

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·         Booby-trapped coffin kills five Iraqi soldiers
·         Three Iraqis killed in Ramadi clashes
·         Mystery over reports of alleged Blair visit
·         Public fears emerge in Iraqi TV phone-in
·         Shi'is, Kurds "on verge of agreeing new cabinet"
·         Shi'i, Kurdish lists form coalition
·         Judicial body criticizes Interior Ministry over "unlawful" detentions
·         Ba'th Party claims destruction of checkpoint
·         Ansar al-Sunnah Army claims attack on guards in Balad
·         Islamic Army claims convoy ambush, deaths of seven guards
·         Islamic Army claims two US vehicles destroyed
·         Al-Mu'tamar [political daily newspaper published by Iraqi National Congress] Headlines
·         Al-Zaman [Baghdad edition of London-based independent daily newspaper] Headlines
·         Programme summary of Al-Iraqiyah TV Arabic
·         Programme summary of Al-Diyar TV Arabic
·         Programme summary of Al-Sharqiyah Arabic
·         Kurdish leader, US envoy discuss future government
·         Kurdish women urged to participate in drafting new constitution
·         Kurdistan satellite TV News Summary 8 Mar 05
·         KurdSat TV News Summary 8 Mar 05

IRAQI NEWS, 8 March 05
Booby-trapped coffin kills five Iraqi soldiers
A booby-trapped coffin exploded on the night of 7 Mar at a checkpoint on the road between Baghdad and Karbala, killing five Iraqi soldiers, Al-Sharqiyah TV said on 8 Mar.A military official said the coffin was in a car at the head of a fake funeral procession and exploded at a checkpoint in the Al-Iskandariyah area. The report also said police arrested four women wearing explosive belts in the same area. (Al-Sharqiyah TV 8 Mar 05)
Three Iraqis killed in Ramadi clashes
Three Iraqis were killed and a fourth was seriously wounded when clashes erupted between unidentified gunmen and the Iraqi army troops following a search campaign in Al-Ramadi, Al-Sharqiyah TV reported 8 Mar. The report said a command post used by US and Iraqi forces at Al-Ramadi's northern entrance was attacked by a booby-trapped car, resulting in dead and wounded. (Al-Sharqiyah, 8 Mar 05)
Mystery over reports of alleged Blair visit
A British embassy spokesman denied media reports that British Prime Minister Tony Blair had visited Baghdad. The spokesman told Al-Sharqiyah TV that reports about the Blair visit were "completely untrue", although the former Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith had paid a private visit to Iraq. (Al-Sharqiyah,8 Mar 05). Viewers of Kurdish Satellite TV watched a report at 1400 gmt which said Blair had "arrived today" in Baghdad on a surprise visit and had met British army officials, British diplomats and Iraqi officials. (KurdSat TV) Al-Sharqiyah TV said earlier on 8 Mar that British and Iraqi sources had failed to confirm reports carried by the German News Agency citing Radio Sawa that British Prime Minister Tony Blair had set out on a visit to Iraq on the night of 7 Mar. (Al-Sharqiyah TV 1100 gmt 8 Mar). The same channel earlier quoted news reports in Baghdad as saying Blair had arrived in Baghdad, with sources saying Blair had hurriedly met Muwaffaq al-Rubay'i, Iraqi national security adviser, and the British ambassador in Baghdad. Al-Rubay'i's office said the reports were untrue. (Al-Sharqiyah TV 08 Mar 05).
Public fears emerge in Iraqi TV phone-in
Al-Iraqiyah TV on 7 Mar broadcast a phone-in, "Al-Minbar al-Iraqi (The Iraqi podium)", in which callers revealed their growing concerns over the delayed session of the National Assembly amid the deteriorating security situation. The guest on the programme was Hasan al-Simid, a member of the interim National Assembly and the United Iraqi Alliance. (Al-Iraqiyah TV 7 Mar 05)
Shi'is, Kurds "on verge of agreeing new cabinet"
Jawad Talib, political adviser to Al-Da'wah Party leader Ibrahim al-Ja'fari, has said the United Iraqi Alliance and the Kurdish List are close to reaching an agreement on the configuration of the new cabinet, the Iraqi National Congress weekly newspaper Al-Mu'tamar reported on 7 Mar. He did not rule out the possibility of the new government being announced within the week. (Al-Mu'tamar, 7 Mar 05)
Shi'i, Kurdish lists form coalition
A preliminary agreement has been reached between the United Iraqi Alliance and the Kurdistan Alliance list to form a "strong coalition" in the National Assembly, Islamic Al-Da'wah Party newspaper Al-Bayan reported on 8 March. (Al-Bayan, Baghdad, in Arabic 8 Mar 05)
Judicial body criticizes Interior Ministry over "unlawful" detentions
The Judicial Council has accused the Interior Ministry of violating laws when arresting and detaining citizens, Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV reported on 8 March. Ghadanfar Humud al-Jasim, the council's head of general prosecution, condemned the detention of citizens without any legal basis or authority. He pointed out that it was inadmissible to detain citizens without a warrant issued by an examining magistrate. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 8 Mar 05)
Ba'th Party claims destruction of checkpoint

On 8 March, "Abu Ba'th," a new member in the Baghdad al-Rashid forum, posted an undated statement by the Arab Socialist Ba'th claiming responsibility for an attack on an Iraqi National Guard checkpoint in the "Al-Muradiyah area on the Baghdad-Ba'qubah road." "The checkpoint was completely destroyed and large quantities of weapons and ammunition were captured. The group withdrew and returned to its base safely and successfully," the statement said. "This attack came after many complaints were received by the comrades at the Mujahidin Branch Command from citizens regarding the extortionist activities carried out by the pagan [National] Guards against the honourable citizens in that area."

Ansar al-Sunnah Army claims attack on guards in Balad
On 8 March, "Abu-Abd-al-Rahman," a new contributor to The Lion's Den forum, posted a 7 March statement from the Ansar al-Sunnah Army in which the group claimed responsibility for a car bomb attack in Balad, north Baghdad which it said killed a high-ranking Iraqi National Guard officer and 20 "apostates". The statement said 15 others were wounded. The Lion's Den forum at is dedicated to the promotion of Sunni jihad and recently reappeared after a long absence.
Islamic Army claims convoy ambush, deaths of seven guards
On 8 March, "The Correspondent of Mujahidin" posted a statement by the Islamic Army in Iraq to the Al-Ikhlas forum claiming responsibility for the ambush of three trucks "transporting goods to the Americans" and "the killing of seven pagan [National] Guards" on 7th March in the Al-Dulu'iyah region north of Baghdad.
Islamic Army claims two US vehicles destroyed
On 8 March, participant "Al-Jaysh al-Islami" [The Islamic Army] posted a statement on the Al-Saqifah forum from The Islamic Army in Iraq taking responsibility for the destruction of two Hummers in Mosul using a "booby-trapped vehicle."

Al-Dustur [From editorial by Basim al-Shaykh]: "Through airing a series of programmes based on the confessions of groups of lowly thugs and criminals responsible for various acts of terrorism and murder, the Iraqiyah TV channel has recently made a very valuable contribution to the nation-wide effort being made to deter the large-scale murder and sabotage targeting the general public."
Al-Sarq al-Awsat [From commentary by Rashid al-Khayun]: "Such a heinous atrocity as the blowing up of a health centre in a sprawling marketplace leaves no doubt that the mastermind behind it has one clear message to get across to Iraqis: Accept a new Ba'thist state with a Salafi faade, or risk physical liquidation to the last one of you. After such knowledge, what national reconciliation can some still talk about?"
Al-Adalah [From commentary by Dr Ali Khlayf]: "The basic features of the coming government are beginning to take shape, especially now that the winning slates in the last election have agreed that the opening session of Iraq's new national assembly should be held in mid March to officially endorse the new cabinet. As it should, the promised government will in fact be inclusive and largely based on consensus so as to accommodate the interests and aspirations of all Iraqis along lines long-endorsed by the political parties and forces that shared in the struggle against the former dictatorship."

Al-Zaman [From commentary by Ali Husayn Ubayd]: "Contemporary political experience has proved that whenever a single individual comes to have full sway over a whole community of people, then disaster is sure to set in, sooner or later. Yet, who is to blame for vesting such omnipotence in a man who, after all, is just as human as any other? Is it not the community itself?"
Al-Nahdah carries an editorial entitled "Federalism and guarantees for Iraq unity" saying that Iraq's chaos after the collapse of the former regime did not cover economic and political aspects, rather, it covers many issues, at the top of which is the relations among nationalities, religions, and political sectors.
Al-Adalah carries an article discussing the "urgent tasks" that the upcoming Iraqi Government should undertake. The writer summarizes these tasks as follows: establishing security, providing housing units, activating the industrial and agricultural sectors, boosting the economic relations with other countries, rehabilitating the services sector, improving the health situation, establishing better information and media channels, eliminating unemployment, restoring the "stolen" Iraqi money, and protecting the Iraqi historical sites.
Al-Sabah al-Jadid carries an article urging the Iraqi Government to "punish the criminals and the security members who failed to protect innocent Iraqis in the Al-Hillah bombing." The author says that the Iraqi people "proved their solidarity and failed to kindle a civil strife in Iraq."
Al-Dustur publishes an editorial by Chief Editor Basim al-Shaykh praising Al-Iraqiyah satellite TV channel for "its courage in airing the confessions of arrested terrorists." Al-Shaykh says that Al-Iraqiyah achieved two aims: "showing the ability of the Iraqi security forces in following and catching terrorists, and assuring the Iraqi people that these forces are working diligently to provide security."
Al-Mashriq publishes a report by Nazar Hatam discussing why the Kurds increased their demands in order to support the nomination of Vice President Ibrahim al-Ja'fari for the prime minister post. The report cites Sami al-Askari, member of the transitional National Assembly-elect telling the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas, that the Kurds demand the posts of the next president of Iraq, the prime minister's deputies, and the speaker of the transitional National Assembly. They also demand annexing Kirkuk Governorate to Kurdistan and the government paying a salary to 100,000 Peshmerga militiamen, who will remain under Kurdish leadership. They also demand that the Kurdistan government control the revenues of oil production in the northern region and that 25 per cent of the Iraqi government's budget be allocated to the Kurdistan region. They also stipulate that the United Iraqi Alliance undertake, in writing, that the transitional government will resign if it makes any decision that the Kurds do not approve. The report cites an Iraqi politician, who requested anonymity, saying that the reason behind the Kurds' exaggerated demands is to block the road before any religious forces to control power in Iraq.
Al-Mu'tamar [political daily newspaper published by Iraqi National Congress] Headlines
 Electricity Ministry contracts worth millions drawn up by merchants, businessmen Talabani asserts heavy Kurdish participation in coming government as Allawi refuses to be part of it Jordanian businessman abducted (Reuters quoted) Two hostages freed by police in Maysan Emergency plan to follow up congregations of migrants and displaced citizens Three food-transport trucks set ablaze by terrorists Justice minister says incoming government will not be theocratic, constitution will be promulgated on basis of general consent, not vote count Fifteen citizens killed in Balad car bombing Interior, Labour Ministries work to eradicate street begging phenomenon No one is safe in Baghdad streets, Iraqis say Islamic Party accuses police of fabricating terrorists' confessions aired on TV Northern oil exports still halted, shipping sources say.
Al-Zaman [Baghdad edition of London-based independent daily newspaper] Headlines
Ba'qubah hit by unprecedented wave of violence, Interior Ministry denying fifty one soldiers, policemen killed or wounded US sources: New Zarqawi photos seized in incursion campaign Cabinet announces capture of sixteen gunmen in Mosul In interview given to Al-Zaman, Shawes says: We are for Zibari retaining his portfolio and we demand two more key portfolios Oil pipeline blasted south of Samarra, thirty two killed, wounded as car bomb detonates in Balad Police officer gunned down by unidentified assailants in Sadr City, ransom demanded by captors of Jordanian businessman, son of Interior Ministry official (AFP quoted) Syria supporters staging tour de force in Beirut today (AFP quoted).
Programme summary of Al-Iraqiyah TV Arabic
-        President Ghazi al-Yawar says Iraqi women proved capable of playing key political role.
-        Women conference held in Baghdad. Video report highlights gathering attended by women ministers. Iraqi women mark international women's day. Video report covers various events.
-        Women divided over role of religion in legislation. Video report highlights women comments, one saying Islam has given women so many rights, another opposed to "Islamisation" of government and society, another saying United Iraqi Alliance to fulfil women aspirations.
-        Adil Abd-al-Mahdi, member of alliance, says choice of candidates to be cabinet ministers to be discussed with other parties. Video report covers his comments. (0:53)
-        Recorded interview with alliance spokesman, Hamam Hammudi. He says committee set up by alliance to deal with relations with Kurds and their demands. (5:18)
-        Three arrested on charges of killing Iraqi scientist in Ba'qubah.
-        Terror suspects held in Samarra. Video report shows weapon cache. (1:01)
-        European Parliament speaker calls on US to clarify events related to killing of Italian agent in Iraq. Video report (0:31)
-        Dutch force hands over to British troops in Iraq. Video report highlights hand-over ceremony.
-        Al-Fallujah clans prepared to help with maintaining security in city. Video report covers meeting of clans chiefs and National Guard members, man from Al-Fallujah man saying city people want to live in peace, have no means to rebuild their houses. (2:01)
-        Basra immigration department tightens noose on Arabs living in province. Video report covers new regulations to control stay of Arabs and foreigners. (2:02)
-        Lebanese opposition to visit Brussels, Paris. Video report
-        French and American presidents firm on implementation of UN resolution on Lebanon.
-        Syrian army packs up positions in mountains; Beirut protesters back Damascus. Video report
-        President of Palestinian Authority Mahmud Abbas accuses Israel of reluctance over peace ahead of talks. Video report (1:31)
-        US names new UN envoy. (0:21)
-        US President George Bush calls for stricter implementation of nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Video report (1:41)
-        China legislation to face potential separation of Taiwan. Video report
-        Business bulletin. Report on Baghdad council campaign to keep illegal peddlers off streets. Saudi Arabia seeks to increase investment in Iraq. Report on water projects in Maysan.
Programme summary of Al-Diyar TV Arabic
-        Press sources say Tony Blair arrived in Baghdad on an unannounced visit and met with the Iraqi national security adviser and the British ambassador to Iraq (sic) ...
-        Ahmad Chalabi says security in Iraq cannot be achieved through the use of force. He invites all Iraqis to dialogue ...
-        In a press statement yesterday, the appointed Iraqi ambassador to Egypt said she refuses to assume her post before Egypt officially announces the restoration of its diplomatic relations with Iraq ...
-        At least 15 Iraqis were killed and 23 others wounded in a suicide attack in Balad yesterday. The US Army announces that it held 52 people, including women and children, in a building in Al-Dawrah for questioning ...
-        An American military judge rejects a request to drop charges against an American recruit in connection with the abuse of Iraqi prisoners ...
-        The Bulgarian defence minister accuses the US forces of killing a Bulgarian soldier in Iraq ...
-        The BBC says investigations into the crash of a British military transport plane in Iraq in October revealed that the crash was not the result of a sabotage act or a technical failure ...
-        The Iraqi Health Ministry spokesman says legal measures will be taken against the soldiers who attacked the staff of Al-Yarmuk Hospital ...
-        The Iraqi museum regains 160 objects that were looted after the fall of the former regime ...
-        On the occasion of Women's Day, female ministers hold a press conference in which they review the activities and achievements of their ministries
Programme summary of Al-Sharqiyah Arabic
-        Tens of Iraqi women celebrate international women's day in Baghdad; women chant slogans calling for country's independence, withdrawal of foreign forces; drafting permanent constitution. Report over video showing number of women expressing concern about what is happening in their country ...
-        British embassy spokesman in Baghdad denies new agencies' reports that Tony Blair visited Baghdad; spokesman says it was former Tory Party leader Duncan Smith who paid private visit to Iraq ...
-        Oil pipeline south of Baghdad targeted by sabotage this afternoon ...
-        US troops say soldiers clash with gunmen north of Baghdad; two gunmen killed in clash, five arrested ...
-        Five Iraqi soldiers killed in explosion concealed inside coffin at checkpoint on road linking Baghdad, Karbala; police arrest four women wearing explosive belts; two women were preparing to attack Al-Iskandariyah court; two others checkpoint ...
-        Farmer discovers two headless bodies in Al-Latifiyah City; police investigation says two bodies were those of police officer, translator working for US forces ...
-        Blast rocks Abu-Ghurayb region ...
-        Three Iraqis killed following clashes between gunmen Iraqi soldiers in Al-Ramadi City ...
-        Iraqi legal council accuses Interior Ministry of breaching country's laws in detaining citizens
-        Iraqi National Democratic Coalition celebrates its first anniversary ...
-        Military judge refuses to drop charges against US female soldier; sets date for her trial for abusing of Iraqi detainees ...
-        US newspaper's web site publishes videotape of US soldiers abusing Iraqis detainees ...
-        Gunmen kill senior Interior Ministry official; Al-Qa'idah-linked group claims responsibility for killing of official ...
-        Italy officially rejects US explanation on killing of its security official by US soldiers near Baghdad airport
KURD NEWS, 8 March 2005
Kurdish leader, US envoy discuss future government
Mas'ud Barzani, leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party held talks on the future Iraqi government with the US embassy's regional coordinator in Kirkuk, Anne Bodine, Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) satellite TV reported on 8 March. (Kurdistan Satellite TV, Salah-al-Din, in Sorani Kurdish 1130 gmt 8 Mar 05)
Kurdish women urged to participate in drafting new constitution
The Kurdistan Women's Union on 8 March called on Kurdish women to take part in preparation of the new constitution, Iraqi Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) newspaper Kurdistani Nuwe reported. In a statement marking International Women's Day, the group said that through women's participation in politics, key issues such as gender equality, legal, civil and political rights of women could be achieved under a secular constitution. (Kurdistani Nuwe, Al-Sulaymaniyah, in Sorani Kurdish 8 Mar 05)
Kurdistan satellite TV News Summary 8 Mar 05
Kurdistan Democratic Party, KDP, leader Mas'ud Barzani meets US consul in Kirkuk, Ann Bodine, in Salah-al-Din ... Head of the KDP-led Kurdistan regional government, Nechirvan Barzani participates in the International Women's Day ceremony ... On the occasion of the International Women's Day, Kurdistan Women's Union ask for endorsement of women's rights in Iraq ... Nechirvan Barzani chairs a conference on agriculture. Report over video showing the conference in progress ... Nechirvan Barzani discusses the role of judiciary in the development of society with a group of judges from the Court of Appeal ... Iraqi Vice-President Dr Rozh Shawes says discussion on the formation of a new government is continuing in Baghdad ... British Prime Minister Tony Blair arrived in Baghdad this morning (sic). Round up of recent terrorist attacks in the country. Report over still picture of Tony Blair followed by report over video showing scenes of incident ... Students demonstrate against the looting of the Arbil museum ... People in Kifri demonstrate and demand that their district reattached to the Kirkuk Governorate
KurdSat TV News Summary 8 Mar 05
British Prime Minister Tony Blair arrived in Baghdad (sic). Report over still picture of the prime minister ... Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, PUK, leader Jalal Talabani addresses women on the occasion of the International Women's Day ... Members of the PUK Political Bureau hold a meeting in Sulaymaniyah ... Patriotic Union of Kurdistan leader meets a delegation from the council of peshmerga in Qalacholan ... On the occasion of the International Women's Day, head of the PUK-led Kurdistan regional government meets two women journalists ... People in Sulaymaniyah mark the anniversary of 1991 uprising ... Three time bombs diffused in Dibs on 7th ... To mark the anniversary of the 1991 uprising, students visit former regime's security building in Sulaymaniyah

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