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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Iraq's Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Facilities




Qaqa'a General Establishment

This facility is located in Yousefiya. It covers 28 square km. It is surrounded by a militarised fence with 52 guard posts and towers each containing 3-4 soldiers with light weapons.

Qaqa'a has a number of entrances: the Baghdad Gate is for employees; the Al Rashid Gate is for lorries; Gate 75 is for the plastics factory; Gate 10 leads to the facility's headquarters and is used by senior managers; Gate 7 leads to storage areas.

This establishment contains 116 separate factories involved in the following types of production:
- missile fuels
- missile guidance and control systems
- hand grenades
- mortar and tank shells
- spare parts for tanks and aircraft
- dynamite and explosives
- shell casings

In addition there are storage facilities for TNT and liquid phosphorous which is used in the production of special shells for heavy artillery. The INC has learned that there are documents, plans and maps hidden at this facility which detail a nuclear weapons factory planned for the future.

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