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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Iraqi National Congress Reports


The Structure of the Mukhabarat or Iraqi Intelligence Service (IIS)

Directorates of the IIS

D1. The Private Office: The office of the director of the IIS. It is situated in its own building at the main entrance of the IIS complex in the Mansour district of Baghdad. All instructions and directives flow from this office. The director's meetings with his senior staff take place in this office.

Director of the IIS is Rafi' Dahham Al Tikriti, former director of the Fourth Directorate of the IIS and former Iraqi Ambassador in Turkey. He assumed his present position on July 1, 1997. (The Director up to June 30, 1997 was Mani' Abd Rashid Al Tikriti. He resides in Jadiriya, Baghdad.)

Manager of the Director's Office: Col. `Aayed Al Douri (Abu Tayseer), from Dour, he resides in Al Khadra Baghdad.

Director's secretary: Capt. Muthana Al Tikriti (nephew of Mani' Abd Rashid).

Subdivisions of D1:

The Secretariat
Electronic equipment
Reception and appointments
Internal and external co-ordination

D2. Administration: This directorate is responsible for all administrative affairs. It is located at the IIS HQ complex.

Subdivisions of D2.

Payments and gifts
Land and Housing
Word processing and typing
Public Enquiries

D3. Surveillance: Targets include suspects and possible recruits. It is situated in the National Security Institute in the Jihad district of Baghdad.

Subdivisions of D3.

Mobile surveillance: Close pursuit of targets with vehicles.
Foot surveillance
Stationary surveillance: Surveillance of fixed premises from a house, a kiosk or a shop.

Director of D3: Brig. Mohammed Al Douri (Abu Nihad), from Dour resides in Jadiriya.

Assistant Director of D3: Lt. Col. Subhi Ibrahim Al Jibouri, from Baiji/Al Siniya, resides in Jihad district.

D4. Secret Service: It is located inside the HQ complex of the IIS. Its activities take place both in Iraq and abroad. Agents of D4 are infiltrated into Iraqi Government departments, the Baath Party, associations, unions and organisations, Iraqi embassies and the opposition. D4 works in co-ordination with D3, D5, D9, D12, D14, D18.

Director of D4: Maj. Gen. Abdul Aziz Al Qurtan, resides in Al Dora, Baghdad.
Assistant Director of D4: Brig. Mohammed Yasin Al Shammari, from Mosul resides in Zeyounna district, Baghdad.

D5. Counter-Intelligence: Duties involve uncovering of foreign agents and their pursuit. D5 works in co-ordination with D3, D4, D14, D18.

Director of D5: Brig Sadoon Ali Al Tikriti, from Auja, resides in Jadiriya.
Assistant Director of D5: Lt. Col. Ahmed Lahij Al Dulaimi, from Falahat village, Ramadi and resides in Khalidiya district.
Other officers: Lt. Col. Yasir Yasin Al Mashhadani, resides Zeyouna district, officers' housing complex. Lt. Col. Nasir Aziz Taha Al `Aani, resides in `Aana.

D6. IIS Security: Located inside the IIS complex. D6 is responsible for the conduct of officers and other ranks within the IIS. Its members work within all departments of the IIS. D6 is responsible for issuing ID papers, passports and marriage sanctions for all IIS personnel.

Director of D6: Maj. Gen. Abdul Hameed Yasin Al Ghurairi, from Haditha, resides in Yarmouk district of Baghdad.
Assistant Director of D6: Col. Ibrahim Al `Aani, from Anbar, resides in Al Khadra.
Other officers: Col. Ahmed Al Douri, resides in Al Bayaa' district of Baghdad. Col. Abdul Hameed Shihab Al Falahi, resides in Al `Amiriya district of Baghdad. Maj. Tahseen Ali Al Mashhadani, resides in Al `Amiriya.

D7. Al Haakimiya (prison): Located on 52nd Street opposite the Passport Office. D7 is a large prison building of ten floors five of which are below ground.

D8. Forensics: Located in the HQ complex of the IIS. The directorate is charged with finger printing all IIS members. It contains advanced laboratories for testing weapons and explosives. It also assembles cameras, radio communications equipment. It employs many engineers and scientists with advanced degrees.

Director of D8: Dr Mohammed Al Masri (he is of Egyptian origin).

D9. Secret Operations: This is one of the most important directorates in the IIS. Most of its work is outside Iraq in co-ordination with D5 D12 D14 D18. This directorate is involved in "wet" operations of sabotage and assassination.

Director of D9: Major General Abdul Hameed Khalaf Al Bayati. Resides in the Mansour district.
Assistant Director of D9: Brig Hussain Abdul Khaliq Al Douri. From Dour.
Other officers: Col Thamer Al Juhaishi (Abu Amar) from Mosul. Resides in Mansour district.

D10. Legal Directorate: Located at the HQ complex. This directorate is charged with all IIS legal matters. D10 represents the IIS in joint committees with other government departments and ministries. This directorate contains the court of the IIS where prisoners are tried.

Director of D10: Brig Kamel Qurtasi Al Jenabi. Resides in Doura district.
Assistant Director of D10: Col Saadoun Mohammed Al Mashhadani, resides in Mechanic's Quarter in Doura.

D11. Accounts: This directorate is responsible for financial affairs and salaries for all directorates (except D1). It is located at the HQ complex.

D12. Electronic Surveillance: This directorate is charged with planting video and audio bugging devices in the directorates of the IIS. Its duties also include analysing the tapes collected. It also is involved with forging currency.

D13. Medical: Located at the HQ complex. It is charged with medical examinations of new recruits and medical care for members of the IIS.

D14. Special Operations: This directorate is one of the most important and largest in IIS. It is located in Salman Pak 20 km south-east of Baghdad. This directorate undertakes the most secret and sensitive special operations outside the country. They were responsible for the attempted assassination against President Bush. They were responsible for the assassination of Talib Al Suheil. They have joint operations with the Mujahideen Khalq Organisation. It also undertakes training of specially selected officers for this type of operation.

Dir. Brig Nouri Al Douri (Abu Ibrahim) resides Jadriya.

D15. Vehicles: This directorate is responsible for the vehicles of the IIS and their maintenance.

D16. Physical Plant: Maintenance, cleaning, repairs of all IIS buildings.

D17. National Security Institute: This is in Jihad district. This is the directorate responsible for training IIS officers. It also contains their supermarket.

D18. Iran: This directorate is responsible for the Mujahideen Khalq Organisation (MKO). This directorate issues the orders and tasks for MKO operations in Iraq, Iran and other countries.

Director of D18: Brig Ihsan Al Timmimi (Syed Ihsan).
Assistant Director of D18: Col Ali Bilal Hussein Al Dulaimi, resides Doura district.
Other officers: Major Mudaffar Abul Izz Al Douri, resides in Amariya.

D19. Personnel Supervision: This directorate is responsible for surveillance of IIS employees.

D20. Printing: This directorate is responsible for printing leaflets, books and forged documents including passports.

D21. Residency: This directorate is responsible for monitoring the residence permits of foreigners and Arabs in Iraq. It is located in Karada district of Baghdad.

D22. Protection: This directorate is responsible for personal protection of senior IIS officials and visiting dignitaries.

D23. Southern District: This directorate is responsible for IIS positions and operations in the south of Iraq. It is located in Basra. It is charged with following political events and infiltrating countries neighbouring southern Iraq.

D24. Northern District: This directorate is responsible for IIS positions and operations in northern Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan. It is based in Mosul with an office in Kirkuk. It is responsible for infiltrating the opposition in Iraqi Kurdistan.

D25. Western District: Located in Ramadi (past the Warar Bridge on the road to Baghdad). This is an important directorate because it is charged with operations and recruitment of agents in Syria and Jordan. It also co-ordinates smuggling and gun-running across these borders and co-operates with tribes on both sides of the border.

Director of D25: Brig Jamal Amr Al Rawi. He is from Rawa and lives in the Al Tamim district (near the mosque at the beginning of the district).

D26. Eastern District: This directorate is based Karbala. This directorate is responsible for operations in Karbala Governorate.

D27. Engineering and Construction: Responsible for construction of IIS buildings and houses for senior officers.

D28. Security of MIO: This directorate is charged with the security of all Military Industrialisation Organisation facilities. It was established after the defection of Hussein Kamel in August 1995. It is located in Palestine Street in Baghdad.

Director of D28: Col Abdel Hamid Khalifa Al Dulaimi.


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