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IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Zolqardr: Enemy was after designing Iran colorful revolution

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Nov 27, 2022

Tehran, IRNA -- Secretary of Expediency Council said that in the country's recent events the enemy had assumed conditions were ripe for the outbreak of a revolution in Iran, so relying on previous experience of colorful revolutions in some counties, let us have one in Iran, but the Iranian nation said a big no to them.

Mohammad-Baqer Zolqard who was speaking at a memorial ceremony for the martyrs of Gian city of Hamedan province on Sunday, referring to the martyrdom of Major General Qassem Soelimani, said, "To become a martyr, you need to be born a martyr, and Martyr Soleimani was truly a living martyr even before his martyrdom, which is living a blessed life, thinking blessedly, and acting fully blessed.

"The secretary of the Expediency Council in the commutation ceremony praised the mobilization of Basij and the Basiji forces, elaborating on the unique role played by Basij in the tough years of the Sacred Defense (against the invading army of Saddam Hussain) as well as their role in the preservation of security, construction and development of the country, the cultural field, generating awareness, and dismantling the hatched plots and seditions of the enemies.

"The Basij forces did all those in defense of the Iranian nation, severely punished the occupiers in the course of the Sacred Defense, and is ready side by side the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, so that no force or superpower dares encounter Iran militarily directly," he added.

He said that the western oppression system, led by the United States, has always received severe blows from the Iranian nation throughout the years after the Islamic Revolution, and now, quite desperately and helplessly, has resorted to the hooligans and criminals, cheap men and women with deviated personalities, and the leftovers of the wretched and defeated anti-revolutionary grouplets here and there, by artificially blowing life in their corpses to attend the scene of rioting.


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