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Iran ready for signing security pacts with Persian Gulf littoral countries - Larijani

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Manama, Oct 23, IRNA

Larijani-Security Pact- P. Gulf Countries

Iran's Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said here Wednesday Islamic Republic of Iran is now ready for signing security pacts with entire Persian Gulf littoral countries.

According to IRNA's dispatched reporter to Manama, Ali Larijani who is in Bahrain to attend the inaugural ceremony of the new Bahraini Parliament made the comment in response to a reporter at a press conference.

Another reporter asked, although Iran is seemingly looking for new horizons for broadening economic ties with its neighbors, Iranian officials also threaten their neighbors every now and then.

Larijani replied, "Iran's policy regarding various countries, particularly our neighbors on southern shores of the Persian Gulf is transparent and needs no explanation."

He added, "The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready for broad cooperation with Persian Gulf littoral countries, its other neighbors, and the entire Islamic countries, knowing well that that we all have shared destinies and shared interests."

The Iranian Majlis speaker added, "The regional countries have never regarded Iran as a threat. You set just one example of a case in which Iran has invaded one of its neighbors. But the Americans, for instance intrigued Saddam to attack Iran relying on financial support of other neighbors."

Larijani reiterated, "The political leaders of the region, too, know this very well, since the Islamic Revolution was the harbinger of the thought of Islamic proximity and has always favored unity among world Muslims, never threatening any of its neighbors."

He reiterated, "The Islamic Republic of Iran is on the same basis ready for signing security pacts with Persian Gulf littoral countries, in addition to the economic agreements which have signed with them." The Majlis speaker meanwhile reiterated, "Of course some Western countries, such as the United States, try to convey some kind of imaginary and fake fear in the minds of the regional countries, but by doing so they really mean to loot the oil wealth of those countries amid the financial crisis they are experiencing."

In response to a question on Iran's stand regarding Syria's peace talks with Israel through mediation of Turkey, Larijani said, "The Islamic Republic of Iran's relations with Syria is strategic and it has been many years that Iran has had cooperation with Syria in many fields."

Larijani reiterated, "The issue of Syria's peace talks with Israel is rather like a game, since Israel has thus far signed dozens of peace agreements, and later on trampled upon all of them. None of the peace agreements signed by Israel has remained in force and the objectives of none have been achieved."

He emphasized, "Israel's life stream is fed by enmity and waging wars, which is why they are not truly after peace making." Another reporter referred to the Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal's comments regarding efforts made for mediating between the Taliban and the Western countries, which, according to the reporter, has enraged the Iranian officials.

Larijani replied, "No one got enraged over the matter in Iran. Yet the point is that the Islamic Republic of Iran believes this path would not lead to any tangible results."

He added, "Establishment of peace and security in Afghanistan would be the best possible gift for Iran, because that would lead to greater security in our country."

The Majlis speaker added, "In this mediation effort the entire Afghan groups should be invited and our problem is with the double standards adopted both by the Americans and by the NATO."

The Iranian Parliament speaker emphasized, "The United States and NATO once announced with much hue and cry that they intend to attack Afghanistan to topple Taliban's regime, but they are now playing a different tune. Therefore, they are clearly contradicting themselves, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is opposed to this political game they are playing in which the Afghan groups would be the losers." He compared the production of narcotic drugs in Afghanistan in the years 2001 with its production in the year 2008, arguing, "In 2001 the production of narcotic drugs there was 200 tons, while in 2006 it reached 9,000 tons."

Larijani added, "Eighty percent of those drugs are produced in Kandahar Province where the British forces are stationed. There are currently some 300 active laboratories in that country where opium is turned into crack and heroin, some of which have been rebuilt, and all the facilities used in those laboratories were transferred there in advance. Do you call that behavior campaign against neurotic drugs trafficking?"

The Majlis speaker reiterated, "They want to cheat the political groups in Afghanistan resorting to such tricks and we warn those groups to be aware of such plots."

Larijani added, "Any agreement on Afghanistan's future needs to be signed in the presence of the entire Afghan groups, not under NATO and US military forces' pressure, since the Afghan groups need no guardian.

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